Telemundo’s Softball Interview of AOC Was All Fluff

April 9th, 2020 6:09 PM

Telemundo's daily kaffeeklatsch, Un Nuevo Día, allotted close to 10 minutes to a softball interview with Bronx socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, where she faced nothing but soft questions and appeared to ditch fellow socialist Bernie Sanders less than an hour before the suspension of his presidential campaign.

Watch AOC’s less-than-enthusiastic answer to Francisco Caceres’ question of whether Sanders is still the best candidate to defeat President Donald Trump in November:



FRANCISCO CACERES: Congresswoman, I’ve got you here and I can't help but ask you about this year's presidential election and Democratic primary. You supported Senator Bernie Sanders in October. However, after Super Tuesday, where Joe Biden gained ground, you seem to have pulled back. Do you still think Senator Sanders is the best Democratic candidate to defeat Donald Trump in November?

ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ: Well first of all, there is, what I support with the senator is his agenda. And I support, and I believe that the agenda of ensuring health coverage, health insurance, guaranteeing a living wage, securing a just policy for our immigrants, I believe that. This agenda, I believe, can… we have to face Donald Trump with a working families’ agenda, and Senator...

CACERES: Would you support Joe Biden if he were the Democratic candidate?

OCASIO-CORTEZ: Sure, sure. I believe that we have to support any candidate who gets the nomination, because this president is a crisis in...uh… this president is a crisis we have to confront him with...and support the Democrats in November.

The Latino front-woman of the Squad appeared on Telemundo in order to put forth her policy proposals in the age of Coronavirus, to wit: Medicare For All, Federal rent control, the Green New Deal. In other words, Telemundo enabled an open pitch for greater centralized government control of every aspect of individual life. 

Caceres didn’t push back or ask follow-up questions, instead resorting to fluff on whether AOC might have any aspirations for national office once she becomes of presidential age. 

Given the chance to interview Ocasio-Cortes, rather than let her get away with blaming other factors --- including the environment --- for her borough´s record number of Covid-19 deaths, Telemundo should have looked at getting the answers her constituents, and more importantly those affected by the current health crisis, are seeking in these difficult times.