Telemundo Headlines Minuscule Nazi March

April 25th, 2018 6:36 PM

On the same day a front-page Washington Post article chronicled the nationwide collapse of the Alt Right, Telemundo played up a deceptive and dishonest report about a minuscule march of National Socialists in Newnan, Georgia.

The report by the Spanish-language sister network of NBC deliberately neglected to reveal just how small the group of Neo Nazis were (The New York Times reported two dozen) as well as the fact that all six arrests made were of masked Antifa counter-protesters.

JULIO VAQUEIRO, ANCHOR, TELEMUNDO: A group of white supremacists takes to the streets near Atlanta, Georgia. Many residents are opposed to the Nazi demonstration and fear of a conflict leads authorities to deploy a security operation.

The network newscast’s ‘VIP’ treatment of the small group of Nazis made no mention of that same day’s Washington Post article chronicling how the Nazis and their most prominent Alt Right allies are in the midst of what even the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center is calling an "implosion."

In addition to failing to note how small the Nazi group was and that all the arrests made at the march were of Antifa counterprotesters, the Telemundo report was also contradictory, as anchor Julio Vaqueiro told viewers the march took place “without incident” and yet correspondent Jorge Buzo went on to report on multiple arrests.

Bottom line: How can you believe “news” that is arguably not only undeserving of any coverage at all, but on top of that is also manipulated and contradicted by its same bearers? Easy: you don’t.

Below is the complete transcript of the above-referenced report, as aired on the April 21, 2018 edition of Noticiero Telemundo.

JULIO VAQUEIRO, ANCHOR, TELEMUNDO: In the state of Georgia near Atlanta a march of white supremacists took place without incident. The fear of possible disturbances, following the announcement of a countermarch, led to the imposition of a strong security operation. Jorge Buzo, from our Telemundo station in Atlanta, has the report.

JORGE BUZO, CORRESPONDENT, TELEMUNDO: In effect, Julio, we are in the small town of Newnan, Georgia, about 40 miles southwest of the city of Atlanta, where we already see that protesters in favor and against it, are already dislodging this park in the center of the city, after this National Socialist movement commemorated at this southern point of the State of Georgia, Adolf Hitler's birthday and this caused the population of 33 thousand to practically come to a standstill. Shops closed, streets closed, a strong security force was put into place for this event where the police force was so strong that it did not allow virtually any contact between the white supremacists and opposition groups, anti-racists like Black Lives Matter. Also this place, this city, has a population of Hispanics.

UNIDENTFIED IMMIGRANT: You, as an immigrant, yes you are very sorry and suffer pain for wanting to prosper in a country and just for that they don’t want us and they hate us.

BUZO: I also want to tell you that there were six confirmed arrests of persons who also tried to provoke disorder, but they were rapidly contained by the police… six arrests. In fact, we had images of one of them that happened very close and which was contained by officers of the Sheriff of Coweta County to which the city of Newnan belongs. Well, up to here with this report Julio, fortunately, blank balance, no more incidents and back to you at the studio.

JULIO VAQUEIRO: Thanks, thanks Jorge. Well, we see this in the 21st century, how’s that?