Record-Low Unemployment is News on Only Two of Six Spanish-language Networks

President Trump has observed that the media spend “as little time as possible” discussing positive economic news. The judgement of America’s “News Analyst in Chief” also certainly applies to the national Spanish-language media - a media segment that had special reason to inform their audiences of the latest unemployment numbers, as unemployment among Hispanics has now fallen to a record low of 4.7%.

When the historic Hispanic jobs numbers came out on December 8, of the six Spanish-language television networks with evening news programs that air across the United States, only two of them (Univision and CNN en Español) even informed their audiences of the news. The other four – Telemundo, Azteca America, Estrella and Mega TV – made no mention of it whatsoever.

Even Univision’s 18-second brief on the subject, read by senior anchor Jorge Ramos, did not do it justice, as Ramos said the 4.7% Hispanic unemployment rate was “one of the lowest” when in fact it was THE lowest:

JORGE RAMOS, SENIOR NEWS ANCHOR, UNIVISION: The national unemployment rate continued at 4.1 percent in November and the number of unemployed at about 6.6 million. Among Hispanics, the rate was 4.7%, one of the lowest ever recorded. 228,000 jobs were added to the labor market.

In addition to the brief on Noticiero Univision, the historic news on the record-low Hispanic unemployment rate was also featured on Directo USA, the flagship U.S. evening news program of CNN en Español. CNN noted that even First Daughter Ivanka Trump weighed in on the subject, tweeting the following:

Hispanics comprise 17% of the entire U.S. labor market, and as Investor's Business Daily noted, “the most interesting part of the jobs report, which goes almost unnoticed by the media, is that it's not just a few groups seeing more jobs and opportunity — it's broad-based, with minorities, women, men and even those with low incomes, showing the best gains… For instance, the jobless rate for African Americans dropped from 8% to 7.3%, while for Hispanics it fell from 5.7% (in November 2016) to 4.7%.”

In sum, the relative silence in the Spanish-language media on this piece of highly relevant economic news for U.S. Hispanics buttresses President Trump’s case that the media are deliberately downplaying the accomplishments of his administration. Much to the chagrin of the liberal media, which remain determined to cast Trump as bad news for ‘people of color’, under his administration Hispanics - along with other Americans and immigrants from all over the globe - are finding jobs as well as reaping many other benefits from his administration’s policies.

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