Networks Mostly SILENT on Bond Hearing For Jocelyn Nungaray’s Killer

June 26th, 2024 6:55 AM

The bond hearing for the killers of Houston preteen Jocelyn Nungaray was the top story on Univision’s network evening newscast and drew a brief on Telemundo. Beyond that: ABC, CBS, and NBC determined that the latest developments in a horrendous crime that has shaken the country were not newsworthy.

Here’s an excerpt from Univision’s report, which led the newscast, with a critical admission:

LYDIA TERRAZAS: At the time of his arrest, Martínez Rangel had bite marks and scratches on his arms, according to the prosecutor. 

MEGAN LONG: He did say that he did tie her up, and that he suggested that they throw her in the bayou to get rid of any DNA.

These are stunning developments, and there is really no reason for this story not to be on ABC, CBS, and NBC. The murder of a child at the hands of illegal migrants should be at or near the top of every newscast. 

But the Regime Media will avoid these inconvenient details and this inconvenient story, even though it is a direct reflection of the ongoing disaster at the southern border. The story of the potential sexual assault and subsequent murder of a child, at the hands of illegal migrants, reflects poorly on the administration that opened the border so they could come in. The Regime Media instead chooses to circle the wagons around the president.

To their credit, Univision led with the story despite the effect it might have on the network’s broader immigration advocacy. To their shame, no other network did.

Click “expand” to view the full transcripts of the aforementioned reports as aired on their respective newscasts on Tuesday, June 25th, 2024:



6:34 PM

JOHANNA SUAREZ: And in other news, Johan Jose Martinez Rangel, the second man charged with the death by strangulation of Jocelyn Nungaray, faces a $10 million bond and the same charge of capital murder as the other defendant. The semi naked body of the 12-year-old child was found in a creek in Houston. There was tension in court today, as the relatives of the girl were present. The district attorney has not confirmed whether there was a sexual battery, (and won’t) until labs come back.



6:31 PM

JORGE RAMOS: The second man accused of murdering 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray appeared in court today in Houston, Texas.

ILIA CALDERÓN: That's right. Johan José Martinez Rangel, 22, received a bond of $10,000,000.

RAMOS: It is precisely the same bond that the judge imposed yesterday on the co-defendant, Franklin José Peña Ramos, 26 years old. Both are Venezuelan immigrants.

CALDERÓN: Today in court there were dramatic moments, as Lidia Terrazas tells us. 

LIDIA TERRAZAS: Relatives of Jocelyn Nungaray, the 12-year-old girl who was murdered and whose semi-naked body was found in Houston, Texas, were drowned in tears. "Murderer". “Look at my face,” the girl's grandmother shouted when the second defendant's hearing ended. Johan José Martínez Rangel, for whom a judge also set bail at $10 million. At that moment he turned around and stared at her, before she could call him a murderer again, and was taken away from the courtroom. 

At the time of his arrest, Martínez Rangel had bite marks and scratches on his arms, according to the prosecutor. In addition, he admitted to investigators that he had tied the girl's hands and feet, and that he had thrown her body into the water in order to get rid of his DNA. The other defendant, Franklin Peña, who faced a judge a day earlier. He confessed to having kissed the girl that night, although he blamed Martínez Rangel for taking off her pants and strangling her. People continue to come every day to this place, where little Jocelyn's lifeless body was found, not only to leave gifts, balloons, flowers, but they also say that they cannot believe that this happened in their own neighborhood.

WILLIAM PÉREZ: With two adults doing that, they don't even deserve forgiveness from God. 

TERRAZAS: Both men, originally from Venezuela, entered the country irregularly less than three months ago. And the prosecutor's office confirms that they are investigating whether both are linked to a gang in their native country.

PEREZ: We are millions of undocumented immigrants in this country, because of those two that made those mistakes, this tragedy, we will all pay for them.

TERRAZAS: Authorities continue to search Martinez Rangel's cell phone, where they found an internet search on how to flee the city. And several witnesses are assisting the  authorities, including the boss of the men with whom they worked in construction and from whom they asked money to flee. Although the case apparently does not qualify for the death penalty, if it is proven that the minor was raped that could change. From Houston, Texas, Lydia Terrazas, Univision.