The Latest Russia Hoax: ‘Spanish-Language Disinformation’

April 10th, 2022 7:32 PM

The left, aided and abetted by corporate media, continues to promote the notion that Hispanics’ ongoing trend away from the Democratic Party is driven in large part by Spanish-language disinformation originating from Russia. The latest and most thorough instance comes via NBC’s MTP Reports.

Watch as NBC journalist Carmen Sesín and Chuck Todd revived a familiar trope while discussing Spanish-language disinformation:



SESIN: Sometimes you find that Russia may have had something to do with it. Recently I was on a press briefing with the National Security Council, before the president of Colombia visited with Biden and he mentioned that  Colombia was extremely concerned over the amount of disinformation being directed from Russia into Colombia. Okay? That ---

TODD: Using Venezuela?

SESIN: --- no, directly ---

TODD: Just directly.

SESIN: --- directly from Russia into Colombia. Colombia’s very polarized right now. They have presidential elections next year. All that disinformation makes its way here. The first piece of disinformation I ever saw that someone I know sent to me was a Colombian supposed political analyst talking about Biden and China.

Sesín, who is based in Miami, didn’t go further into this alleged Colombian-laundered Russian disinformation. Who was the “supposed political analyst?” What did he or she say about Biden and China that was disinformation? Was this information in any way related to what was found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, including “10% for The Big Guy?” We don’t know, because Todd took Sesín’s representations at face value and moved on to the next question.

In fact, the only evidence of anything even remotely related to Russia that was aired during this 18-minute report was a viral deepfake that depicted Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin singing “Kulikitaka.” This, of course, should not to be confused with the deepfake that depicted an easily frightened Biden flatulating in a hallway as Putin plays guitar. 

The mere display of this material as proof evident of Russian disinformation only serves to prove that the corporate media think Hispanics are gullible morons.

This isn't to say that there isn't any disinformation circulating within the Hispanic community. But it doesn't exclusively account for Hispanics' shift away from Democrats, as some would suggest.

The lone conservative interviewed for this segment, a Cuban-American mother, expressed a deep distrust for the media, but we didn't get to hear too much about that.

For the record, the conservative Cuban mom also happens to be the mother of the activist belonging to a group, “Cubanos Pa’lante (Cubans Forward),” which appeared to be the next incarnation of “Cubans with Biden,” and whose stated purpose is “to disrupt the status quo by educating, organizing, and mobilizing progressive Cuban Americans.”

At no point in the report is this campaign connection disclosed. Instead of conducting rigorous reporting and finding the lessons to be learned from Hispanics’ continued shift away from Democrats, corporate media appear to be more interested in dismissing Hispanics as runaway supplicants seduced by Russian disinformation.

Yet another inconvenient or damaging set of facts, again not unlike Hunter Biden's laptop, is lazily written off as Russian disinformation.