DISINFORMATION: Univision Falsely Claims Florida Election Law Cuts Early Voting Times

May 2nd, 2021 8:11 PM

In rushing to scare their viewers and smear Florida’s just-passed election security law as “restrictive”, Univision makes several baseless claims and delivers a whopper of a false assertion. 

Watch as Univison’s Aylen Del Toro, anchoring the network’s midday newscast, packages a series of half-truths, opinions, and outright lies. Below is the 43-second report in its entirety:



AYLEN DEL TORO, UNIVISION: The Florida Legislature passed a controversial election bill that adds restrictions to the manner in which to vote. Why is that? This is what you should know. They will add new ID and signature requirements for mail-in voting. They will also limit who can send your mail ballot.

On the other hand, they cut access to dropboxes by limiting early voting hours. Dropboxes will be staffed exclusively by Supervisor of Elections employees. And they will establish and publish dropbox locations 30 days prior to an election. It is very important to point out that these measures will have a greater impact on elderly and low-income voters, minorities, as well as persons with disabilities.

One might think that Florida actually cut down on early voting, given Del Toro’s overly broad frame of Florida’s new dropbox guidelines, which mandate that dropboxes will only be open while staffed by personnel from the county Supervisor of Elections. This is another instance where pandemic exceptions are framed as the norm with which to adversely compare new legislation and falsely frame as restrictive, such as Georgia’s election security law. 

The law, which Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to sign in short order, also limits who can drop off someone else’s ballots to immediate family members of the voter- so no harvesting by outside groups. Furthermore, the law limits the distribution of food and water to no closer than 150 feet from a polling location, as does the Georgia law. But the report doesn’t allow enough time for factual reporting.

We’ve previously reported on how U.S. Reps. Darren Soto (D-FL) and Rubén Gallego (D-AZ) want to go after anti-communist Spanish-language media outlets broadcasting out of Florida, on the basis of fighting the spread of “disinformation” within the Hispanic community. If they’re so serious about fighting disinformation and not just trying to impose viewpoint censorship, they should take a long, hard look at what Univision (based in Florida) is spreading here.

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