Univision Makes Limbaugh’s Death All About Trump

February 18th, 2021 2:50 PM

Univision, in a half-baked report on Wednesday's passing of the iconic Rush Limbaugh, makes clear both its sneering contempt of conservatism and its need to reduce everything to a tie-in with President Donald Trump.

Watch below as anchor Jorge Ramos reduced Limbaugh’s communications legacy to “Orange Man Bad”:



Rush Limbaugh, an influential conservative commentator, died of cancer at the age of 70. His daily show was broadcast on 600 radio stations, and he promoted conservative causes, including the nationalism of former President Trump. Limbaugh had a direct line to Trump at the White House, and the former president awarded him the Medal of Freedom during his final State of the Union address. Today Trump said that Rush Limbaugh is a legend, and that he loved his country very much.

Rush Limbaugh ruled the nation’s airwaves from behind the golden EIB microphone long before Donald Trump went down the golden escalator at his eponymous tower. His essential message was one of a defense of personal liberty, and of strong reverence for the Founding of America -- ideas the spread of which would apparently be dangerous to the network.

Univision, terrified of exposing that to their viewers, chose instead to portray Limbaugh as a Trump toady.   

In terms of style, this is far less egregious than the open dunking we’ve seen on other networks. But in terms of substance, Univision’s reduction of Limbaugh’s storied legacy is consistent with the network’s record of hiding conservative points of view from their broader audience, and further proof that this is not a serious news network.

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