YET AGAIN: Univision Hides Antifa Violence Against Trump Supporters

November 15th, 2020 7:37 PM

The nation’s leading Spanish-language network has, once again, found itself unable to mention Antifa by name when reporting on the group’s violent activities throughout major American cities.

Watch as Univision weekend anchor Arantxa Loizaga tiptoes around the hooded elephant in the room when closing out Univision’s reporting on the aftermath of Saturday’s “Million MAGA March” in Washington, D.C.:

ARANTXA LOIZAGA: After this protest, which transpired peacefully throughout the entire day, the evening turned violent. At least one person was critically wounded when a fight broke out between critics of the president and those who support him. The victim was stabbed, and no other details of this incident have been revealed.

This, of course, isn’t the first time that Univision bites its tongue regarding targeted left-wing violence. Univision omitted mention of Antifa when reporting on violent protests in Portland over the summer, and subsequently failed to mention the Portland shooter’s affiliation to Antifa.

The clip you see above aired during Univision’s 11:30 PM newscast and was tacked on to an earlier report that was produced during daylight hours, which showcased the peaceful nature of the Million MAGA March. There was no footage or mention of Antifa/BLM harassment of Trump supporters returning to their hotels, or of fireworks launched at restaurants where Trump supporters were dining, or of Antifa’s coldcocking of individuals in the street, or of any of the violence seen by most of you on social media (for now, at least). 

Univision’s viewers only learned of generic, “both sides” violence by “critics” and “supporters” of President Trump. This frame is deliberate and serves the purpose of indirectly casting President Trump as the source of the violence, as opposed to Antifa. Univision’s viewers continue to be poorly served by a network that chooses to feed them propaganda in lieu of news. 

No word on whether Univision plans to ask Joe Biden whether he condemns the violence brought forth by what he called "an idea".

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