TDS Alert: UNews Reports ‘Baby Trump’ Balloon Slashing as Crime Story

November 11th, 2019 4:59 PM

Trump Derangement Syndrome has long been a real thing at Univision, as exemplified by this report on the slashing of what now appears to be a cherished #Resistance icon: the Baby Trump balloon.

Watch below as UNews anchor Carolina Sarassa delivered the gory details to Fusion’s tens of viewers: 



And this past weekend in Alabama, the “Baby Trump” balloon was slashed and deflated. The popular protest symbol against President Trump was floating amongst the football fans at the big game in Tuscaloosa.  According to authorities, a man struck the balloon with a knife, and run off (sic). Police managed to arrest him and a getaway driver. The Baby Trump balloon gained prominence in July 2018, after it was seen floating over the British Houses of Parliament for two hours during protests against Trump’s visit in the U.K. Since that time the balloon, designed by Matt Banner, has appeared in a number of places including Scotland and New Jersey.

It is worth noting that UNews (Univision’s English-language) newscast ran this story at the top of its hour: ahead of unrest in Bolivia, Peter King’s retirement, DACA arguments before the Supreme Court, and second only to impeachment. And even then, the details surrounding the arrest of the balloon slasher garnered more attention than the reason why the balloon was in Tuscaloosa to begin with. Unlike UNews’s coverage of recent presidential appearances at the World Series and at the UFC card in Madison Square Garden, there was no mention of the reception that Trump received in Alabama, as we noted below: 

UNews is billed as “a daily look at top news stories impacting Hispanic people in the United States, including politics, immigration, the environment, and more.” One wonders, exactly, what impact this misdemeanor will have on “Hispanic people in the United States.” 

Although the assailant is in police custody, there is still no new information as to the condition of the injured balloon. There is no word yet, however, on whether Univision will dispatch a news crew to Alabama to check on its condition. Given the state of media and Univision’s treatment of this story, it would not be surprising in the least.