Piling On: Telemundo Smears The NRA With Fake News

August 17th, 2019 11:51 AM

Telemundo continues its aggressive push for gun control, this time by putting out a story that suggests the National Rifle Association is under duress because of calls for increased gun control as a result of horrific shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

Watch as anchor José Díaz-Balart tries to establish that tenuous connection while introducing a report on the NRA:

JOSÉ DIAZ-BALART, SENIOR ANCHOR, TELEMUNDO: The powerful National Rifle Association is going through one of the worst crises in its history. There are now four directors that have resigned or in...resigned, excuse me, amid charges of corruption and increased pressure for greater gun control after the massacres in El Paso and in Ohio. Lourdes Hurtado expands.

Here, Telemundo tells half a story, and tries to add in another fake half more that is better to its liberal agenda on guns. The NRA’s internal turmoil is, in fact, a matter of public record. However, the aforementioned turmoil was not caused by a renewed push from the left in favor of the imposition of confiscatory gun control policies, but by an internal battle over the way that the NRA is run. 

Díaz-Balart’s biased framing here set the tone for the rest of the report, which was two minutes of more of the same conjecture, speculation, untruth, and wish-casting. There is one thing that distinguishes Telemundo’s gun coverage from its competitors, though: the network's willingness to at least put gun-rights advocates on the air, albeit very sparingly. However, Gaby Franco’s return to Telemundo was limited to a few seconds of pushing back against the narrative of director resignations under pressure from gun grabbers. In the interest of true balance, Telemundo should’ve had Franco present her advocacy for lawful gun ownership.

Sadly, these two minutes of half-truths and false balance are the best to come from our domestic Spanish-language in a very long time when it comes to reporting on lawful gun ownership in America.