A Different Approach? Univision Starts English Newscast

September 29th, 2018 4:24 PM

In an unlikely shift, Univision has launched a daily two-hour English-language newscast called UNews, carried on its sister Fusion channel. But is this more of the same of what we’ve come to expect from the mothership, or is this really something different?

Media Moves initially reported on the initiative:

As part of its expansion plans into English-language content, Univision’s news division has launched “UNews.”

Carolina Sarassa and Andrea Linares anchor the new English-language newscast that airs on Fusion TV Monday through Friday from 1 to 3 pm ET/PT (12 to 2 pm CT).

“UNews” will repurpose content from “Noticiero Univision,” as well as feature some original content produced by the Univision news team. Correspondents will also do English-language standups and file some of their stories in English.

“UNews” launched on Monday, September 17.

Univision has kept the project quiet, as it works out through the kinks in the “soft launch” phase.

For Fusion’s tens of viewers, this product offering represents a radical departure from the usual assortment of liberal fare and screechy Jorge Ramos vehicles: a newscast that promises to offer a more balanced look at the news of the day. Sarassa and Linares alternately anchor an hour during the newscast, and frame their stories with a sense of balance unseen elsewhere throughout the platform. They keep their framing to a just-the-facts minimum and keep the newscast flowing, showing all sides of a story and bringing on analysts from both parties.

After covering Noticiero Univision for close to four years, it is weird to turn around and watch some of the same talent and same correspondents offer up an English-language newscast. But it works. UNews represents an opportunity for redemption for this news division. Let’s hope they don’t wreck it.

Listen closely, kids: Univision’s best newscast is on (gulp) Fusion.