Media Turn Blind Eye to San Juan Mayor's Hypocrisy, Scandals

January 31st, 2018 7:45 AM

Carmen Yulín Cruz, the radical separatist mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, made the most of her visit to President Trump's State of the Union speech as a guest of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). In her wake, she leaves behind some rank hypocrisy and yet another reminder that the media failed to vet its newest anti-Trump darling.

Cruz, ever the free-press magnet, had this to say while in front of Telemundo's cameras, just after a speech at a Latino Victory Fund event (an organization which recently hired Cruz pal and fellow terror apologist Melissa Mark-Viverito, the former NYC Council Speaker as a "senior adviser"):



CARMEN YULIN CRUZ, MAYOR OF SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO: Tomorrow FEMA ends the distribution of water and food in Puerto Rico. Last Monday, yesterday, I took, to a school in Morovis, nearly an hour outside San Juan, water and powdered milk because that school had neither water, nor electricity, nor enough food for its children. So that the struggle for what is happening in Puerto Rico is a struggle for human rights. What is happening on the part of the administration of President Trump is a violation of the human rights of the Puerto Ricans.

Except...except...that Yulín did the same exact thing just a few weeks ago! Per Puerto Rico's daily Primera Hora:

The City of San Juan will cease to distribute food and water to those affected by Hurricane Maria next January 4th, said Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto in a press release.

Cruz went on to detail the number of individuals served, and to state that it was an honor to have served the people with the dignity that they deserve. It could well be said that cutting off those deliveries (60 percent of which came from the private sector that Cruz is fond of demonizing) is itself "a violation of the human rights" of her constituents in San Juan. But I am skeptical that the press will spotlight this inconsistency. Apparently, a little bit of anti-Trumpism absolves a multitude of sins.

The same national media that strapped a rocket to Cruz' back in the early aftermath of Hurricane María's devastation of Puerto Rico has similarly looked the other way at the parade of ensuing scandals, such as Cruz' silence in the wake of allegations of sexual abuse against one of her most senior advisors, Cruz' silence in the face of allegations that her hand-picked Public Safety Commissioner physically struck an on-duty female PRPD police officer, and the filing of multiple lawsuits against Mayor Cruz in federal court alleging civil-rights violations (see here and here).

It should be noted that each of these scandals became public after the hurricane, and that the civil-rights lawsuits were each filed within days of Cruz being honored by the King Center with a Special Recognition for Humanitarian Leadership Award.

We made this observation when the media first began to crown Mayor Cruz as their new darling:

Once again, the liberal media have vetted its champion incredibly poorly. And so it is that the Puerto Rican face of the #Resistance is a radical leftist separatist who championed a terrorist and is largely loathed by her own constituents.

Four months and a slew of fresh scandals later, nothing has changed.