Here We Go Again: Another Misleading Gun Control Segment on Al Punto

As sure as water is wet and the sun rises in the east, Univision's Jorge Ramos will have a segment on gun control in the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting incident. Per this sad custom, arguments will be laid out based on gross misrepresentations of fact. The most recent edition of the activist-anchor's weekly Al Punto show was no exception.

Here's how Ramos' featured guest, Democrat Congressman Rubén Kihuen of Nevada, smeared Republicans with a ridiculous call for laws that are already on the books:


CONGRESSMAN RUBEN KIHUEN (D-NV): If someone is a criminal, if someone has mental problems, they should not have access to these weapons. These are laws that most of the country supports, but unfortunately these Republicans and the leadership of this Congress, including the President, do not want to establish these kinds of laws.

Motive and means have still not been established in the horrific Las Vegas shooting, but this didn't stop Univision from going all-out against the private right to bear arms. The fact is that criminals and the mentally ill are already barred from owning firearms, and there are background checks already in place. Kihuen's suggestion that laws which already exist do not is factually inaccurate, and Ramos is a demagogue for letting them go uncorrected. Had Al Punto booked a supporter of the Second Amendment, perhaps this argument could've been made. But that didn't happen.

Unfortunately, neither Ramos nor Kihuen allow the truth to get in the way of a good partisan argument. What should've been a segment on the resiliency and strength of the great people of Las Vegas was instead turned into partisan attacks based on specious arguments. Univision's viewers deserve better.

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