Univision Chairman Saban and Hillary Clinton: Still at It

May 16th, 2017 10:15 AM

The long-standing relationship between Univision Executive Chairman Haim Saban and Hillary Clinton reached its apex last year, as the network colluded with the Clinton campaign. Despite catastrophic failure on Election Night 2016, there are fresh, telltale signs that the alliance is being renewed.

Variety reports:

Hillary Clinton attended a private dinner at the home of Haim and Cheryl Saban on Thursday night at an event that sources described as a thank you to 2016 campaign donors and an introduction to her plans to launch a political group, Onward Together.


Politico reported last week that Clinton was building a political group to help finance organizations working “on the resistance to President Donald Trump’s agenda.” The name of the group, Onward Together, was a nod to her campaign slogan Stronger Together.

Saban has long been unabashed in his extravagant support for Clinton, Inc., pouring tens of millions of dollars into the campaign, the Foundation and an allied superPAC. Our coverage of the network's wide-ranging aid the Clinton campaign delineated a timeline of collusion, as well as the main reasons why Univision desperately needed a Clinton victory in 2016.

Despite Clinton's election loss, Univision got its regulatory relief when the outgoing Obama FCC quietly approved a foreign-ownership rule change that allowed Mexican media giant Televisa to acquire a larger share of the network.

It is unclear whether or not Saban has now pledged his "full might" to the success of "Onward Together", Hillary Clinton's unprecedented "Resistance" feeder group, to the extent that he did previously for Clinton's last electoral effort. But there is no doubt that the relationship continues, and that it is likely to once again result in favorable coverage on Univision's varied outlets. All that remains to be seen is time and degree.