Trump Still Rules Spanish-Language Political Talkers

September 1st, 2015 5:54 PM

The nation’s two top Spanish-language public affairs shows led once again this week with coverage of Donald Trump’s campaign, with many interesting takeaways and conclusion from both programs.

At this point, Univision is about to transform into The Trump Channel, so prevalent is its coverage of Trumpmania (imagine a thousand simultaneous mystery plane crashes on CNN, and you begin to get an inkling).

Sunday’s Al Punto was no exception, leading off once again with a panel devoted to discussing Trump - namely, his handling of Jorge Ramos in the now-infamous Iowa press conference.

The panel was a predictable three-on-one-format featuring Ramos, former California Assembly Speaker Fabián Núñez for the Democrats, former Treasurer of the United States (and Bush surrogate) Rosario Marín for the Republicans, and Trump supporter and activist Julio Girón (who by the way, is no stranger to Univision).

Prior to the panel discussion, the segment opened with an overdubbed video montage of the Iowa press conference. Marín kicked off the panel by denouncing Trump’s role in the press conference. Marín called Trump’s expulsion of Ramos a barbarity, lambasted Trump’s proposals, and derided Trump as a Democrat.

During one telling back-and-forth with Girón, she demanded that he show Gov. Jeb Bush “proper respect” and address him as Governor Jeb Bush, as opposed to the term most often used by Mr. Girón, which was “clown”. More on Marín in a little bit.

Núñez devoted his time in-studio by lavishing sycophantic praise onto Ramos, by feeding his martyr delusion, and by lecturing Girón on what proper political discourse looks like.

Ramos let the panelists engage each other, piping in with the occasional question but otherwise letting Marín and Núñez pile on the Trump surrogate. 

Things were very different over at Enfoque, Telemundo’s answer to Al Punto, which is hosted by MSNBC and Telemundo anchor José Díaz-Balart.

For starters, Enfoque was devoid of the Ramos worship which occurred elsewhere this week. Furthermore, there was no discussion of the Iowa press conference. However, Díaz-Balart also led with a Trump segment, and his guest was also Rosario Marín.

Here Marín launched into some of her same attack lines against Trump, stating that he is divisive, dismissing his credentials as a conservative and highlighting some of his past policy positions. She then went on to accuse Trump of being a Clinton plant in the GOP field.

ROSARIO MARIN, FORMER U.S. TREASURER: Mr. Trump enters this race without being a Republican, enters into it pushed by Bill Clinton, his great friend Bill Clinton, and usurps a position in the Republican Party that does not correspond to him. He is not conservative. He has never had nor advanced conservative policies.

This is not the first time that such an accusation has been levied against Mr. Trump by a Jeb Bush supporter.

Is this now a talking point within Jebworld?