Spanish Nets Bury Email Travails of DNC Comms Director

July 28th, 2016 2:41 PM

The Democratic National Committee’s Director of Communications, Luis Miranda, is in some serious hot water over revelations of emails that show him criticizing some of the Democratic Party’s staunchest pro-amnesty allies as “irresponsible” for their position in favor of blanket refugee status for all border-crossers from Central America, along with multiple other emails which point to Miranda as having actively aided the Clinton campaign - and worked against the Sanders campaign, among other irregularities – during the 2016 primary season contest for the Democratic presidential nomination.

However, so far Univision and Telemundo viewers are aware of none of this, despite the fact that both networks routinely cover the slightest controversy involving Miranda’s Hispanic communications counterparts at the Republican National Committee.

While Debbie Wasserman Shultz was quickly ushered out of her job as Party Chair in the wake of the DNC email leaks, the embattled Miranda to date remains in his post, though he is now facing howls for his ouster from erstwhile, offended Democratic Party allies, such as Casa Maryland, whose members frequently appear as the most readily recognizable cadre of pro-amnesty protesters and agitators at public rallies held in Congress and in front of the White House (and in national Spanish-language television coverage of such events).

And what has Miranda done to provoke Casa’s ire? Well, he actually called them out for what he identified as their “irresponsible” demand that the Obama administration authorize Temporary Protective Status for all Central Americans who cross the border into the United States, a demand which if met would provoke an even greater spike than what has been seen so far, in terms of illegal border crossings into the U.S. from that region.

Miranda’s crossing of the radical open borders lobby at CASA isn’t his only problem. The bevy of leaked emails also provide ample evidence of Miranda’s active collusion with the Clinton campaign, and bad-mouthing of the Sanders campaign.

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