Clinton Condescendingly Asks Univision’s Viewers for ‘Help’

The pro-Hillary tilt at Univision was on full display during the network’s latest interview with Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Lobbing softball question after softball question at the candidate, the nation’s leading Spanish-language network gave Clinton an entirely uncritical platform from which to pontificate on her plans to go beyond President’s Obama executive actions on immigration.

Clinton was also quick to take the opportunity to condemn both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for their “hateful rhetoric” and characterized both men as “rabidly anti-immigrant.”

HILLARY CLINTON: He [Trump] is very dangerous, and I think we need to defeat him, and I need the help of all your viewers and all the California voters to be able to do it.

LEON KRAUZE, UNIVISION: Thank you, Secretary Clinton.

HILLARY CLINTON: Thank you, pleasure to talk to you.

Talk about plantation politics. Can you imagine Clinton dishing out the same kind of condescending language towards the viewers of other major, general audience broadcast networks, calling on them for 'help'? 

Talking Trump, Clinton, of all people, also criticized the Republican presidential frontrunner for “living in a bubble” and being over-protected. 

Univision’s León Krauze was such a pushover, asking no tough questions, that Clinton concluded the interview by asking viewers to help her defeat “very dangerous” Donald Trump and remarked on what a “pleasure” the interview was.

Krauze, who is also a columnist for the Mexican daily El Universal, regularly rails against Trump. In one of his most recent columns, he wrote of Trump that he is a man who is “openly racist, xenophobic and belligerent.”

Though Univision anchor Jorge Ramos says much the same thing, at least he’s always sure to make Clinton uncomfortable by including one or two questions with a critical point of view.

Also ignored in the interview were issues that are actually priorities for Hispanic voters around the country, such as jobs, economy, health care and education. However, at Univision, time never seems to be in short supply when it comes to engaging in pathetically predictable smears against anyone who is pro-law enforcement and pro-border security.

Below is the transcript of the referenced segment from the April 24 edition of Al Punto. Please note that the English translation below was taken from the Spanish version of the interview. No full original English version of the interview has been released to our knowledge:



10:28:32 AM – 10:34:30 AM EST | 5 MIN 57 SEC

ENRIQUE ACEVEDO, ANCHOR, UNIVISION: Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner for president, gave an interview to our colleague León Krauze, presenter at Univision’s affiliate station in Los Angeles. This occurred before Election Day in New York, the primary. They spoke of Mexico, the danger of Donald Trump, and how she plans to win if they both achieve their party's nomination. We are part of this meeting with the former secretary of state, which began with her opinion on the executive action that was discussed in the Supreme Court this week.

HILLARY CLINTON: I feel optimistic that the court will make the right decision. All these challenges have been made to President Obama’s authority to issue such orders like DACA and DAPA. I think the President acted within his constitutional and legal authority, I think there are precedents for what he did, and I also believe that the Supreme Court is going to realize that this is so and will agree, because this it is such an important issue. Millions of people are really watching to see what will happen because of that fear they live in, and all the threats that are also present today. I said repeatedly that I will support DACA and DAPA, I will fight as much as possible, as soon as possible, and if I am elected President, and I'll try to make comprehensive immigration reform, a path to citizenship too, and I think it is the right thing, and I think the court will make that decision.

LEON KRAUZE,  UNIVISION: You promised that you will present immigration reform in the first 100 days, but honestly...


LEON KRAUZE, UNIVISION: … is it realistic?

HILLARY CLINTON: Leon, I think so, and this is why, I think we have a very good chance then take back the Senate and put it back under Democratic leadership. I think we have a very good chance to beat whoever is the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz - who are rabidly anti-immigrant. Elections have consequences, and that what it means is this: That we have a Democratic Senate. We must also work in the House of Representatives, but if you have a Democrat, a Republican candidate loses again, because Hispanics reject their hateful rhetoric and also their negative stance on immigration. At some point, Republicans will have to pay attention if they want to win the White House again. So I think that yes, the Hispanic vote here in California and across the United States is crucial.

LEON KRAUZE, UNIVISION: About Mexico: Human rights abuses and corruption there are a growing concern. Just this week a video of a woman horribly tortured by the Mexican army was released. Some people, some voices suggest that the US government should withhold Merida Initiative funds, which you helped to expand, and to increase pressure on the Peña Nieto administration. Would you consider withholding Merida Initiative funds?

HILLARY CLINTON: If I am honored by being elected president, I will work closely with the Mexican government. And yes, I am very concerned about human rights, I am also concerned about reducing illegalities, murder and drug gangs as soon as possible, and do not think that violating human rights is the form, then, to lead the country and defeat the criminal cartels. I'll have, then, a very open communication, very frank, open conversation, and I wish that the Mexican government would realize that they, they have the duty to set very high standards for public officials with police and military powers -- and also think there should be some international standards. There are international conventions against torture. Donald Trump wants the United States to ignore international law. We won’t do it. I don’t want Mexico to ignore international law either.

LEON KRAUZE, UNIVISION: Do you think Donald Trump is a racist at heart or is just an act to get attention of the conservative base? The question is: Is he racist? Should voters believe Trump’s words?

HILLARY CLINTON: I think anyone, when they are running for public office, especially for president, one has to take into account what they say. The words are what one has to take into account, and history of public service, and he does not have anything like that, so that's what has to be taken into account as a voter. Not only that Trump is attracting these voters, but they are taking certain strong positions that then you will have to maintain, if God forbid that he wins as president. I'll try to prevent that from happening. One has to pay attention to what people say. My experience over many years in U.S politics, most people running for public office, when they say something, they try to do it.

LEON KRAUZE,  UNIVISION: Are you scared to face off against Trump?

HILLARY CLINTON: No, not at all. He is a person that lives in a very protected environment. I don’t think he even knows or knows of people outside of that bubble he lives in, but he is dangerous, and I think we have to defeat him, and I need the help of your viewers and all the California voters to do it. Thank you, pleasure to talk to you.

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