Fusion Touts Teaching Children about Trans Lifestyle

April 4th, 2016 2:05 PM

Fusion, the hyper-left English-language media outlet run by Univision, continues to push the bounds of its Trans acceptance campaign, by now encouraging the indoctrination of our nation’s youth.

The network’s latest attempt to normalize the Trans lifestyle features video of a mother explaining to her apparently kindergarten age daughter that her father has decided to identify as a woman now. The premise could not be more clear; we should all gain validation via heart-to-heart chats with our children (who by the way, are easily manipulated), and if a child gets it then darn it, why can’t the rest of us get it?

Labeling the video as “heartwarming” it’s obvious Fusion has an agenda they are trying to push. We’re not sure if it’s in an attempt to capture the attention of the millennial generation with the latest in extremely progressive stances or just their latest frantic effort to increase page views with click-bait headlines, since, you know, Fusion’s bottom line has seen only red since its launch. To say they are getting desperate isn’t an exaggeration.

Either way, the love Fusion has for the Trans agenda may now even surpass their love for abortion and the idea of a Sanders presidency.

On second thought, let’s not get too crazy here. 

Below are excerpts from the video:

DAUGHTER: Daddy’s a she now?

MOTHER: Yeah, how does that make you feel?


MOTHER: It does make you feel good?

DAIGHTER: Yeah, I want to, umm, be like a boy.


MOTHER: Daddy doesn’t feel happy as a boy. So, we have decided to help daddy become the person that his brain and his heart tell him that he really is.

MOTHER: When mommy and daddy went on that date on Saturday, we went and got, like, all new girl clothes, and we got daddy some makeup. And now daddy is going to wear some makeup and wear girl’s clothes and maybe grow daddy’s hair out.

MOTHER: So what do you think of all that baby?


MOTHER: Are you okay with it?



MOTHER: Can you look at the camera and tell daddy what you think?

DAUGHTER: It feels good.

MOTHER: Can you tell her how much you love her?

DAUGHTER: Daddy is a her?