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Daniel Garza hails from the Lone Star State of Texas, where he earned two undergraduate degrees, in Management and Business Administration, from the University of Texas - Río Grande Valley and South Texas College, respectively.

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In a recent article written for Fusion titled “I was an ‘accident’ – but I’m still pro-choice”, the writer, Caitlin Murphy, highlights the struggles and hardships endured by her mother after giving birth to her. She also goes into detail about how maybe her mother’s life would have been better if she had just opted for an abortion. Yes, rather than celebrate a single mother’s courage to continue on with the gift of life, she displays the most peculiar case of survivor’s remorse you can possibly imagine. 

As further proof that the nation’s leading Hispanic media are really a subset of the establishment media - as opposed to something independent of it - the Washington Post has decided to once again dedicate prime ink to the showcasing of Univision’s much-ballyhooed voter registration drive.

Como prueba adicional de que los medios principales de la prensa hispana no son sino una burbuja dentro de la burbuja mediática de Washington, el diario The Washington Post se ha dado a la tarea de volverle a dedicar tinta a la promoción de la muy sonada campaña de inscripción electoral de Univisión.

You’re probably thinking “there’s no way that’s true, they didn’t actually say that.” “It can’t be!” Well, they did. It’s literally in the title of the article: “No white people will star in the ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ movie, and that’s a beautiful thing.” It’s also not the first time this subject has come up. The writer, Charles Pulliam-Moore, has a history of showing his contempt for white people. Just to give you an idea of what we’re dealing with here: he was upset at Marvel for casting a white woman for a role instead of an Asian man (how dare they cast a woman over a minority) and was upset at Kanye West for wearing blue contacts (because they are a sign of ‘internalized racism’.)

A fresh article from the Washington Post titled ‘Getting a photo ID so you can vote is easy. Unless you’re poor, black, Latino or elderly’ purports to establish that voter ID laws are inherently discriminatory against minorities. Towards that end, the bulk of the article presents the hardship stories of three prospective voters who struggled to obtain a state-issued I.D (all seniors, incidentally, ages 65, 72, and 85). Another insinuation? These are all voters Republicans would love to keep away from the voting booth. The article essentially parrots the Left’s case against ID laws, that requiring an I.D is a particular affront to minorities. Why? How little do liberals think of minorities that they honestly believe something as simple as obtaining an I.D can be too much for minorities to handle?

Sporting a hijab and a smartphone, the left found a new icon for their ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ crusade. Turns out … she’s not exactly the shining example they thought she was. Vice, The Huffington Post, Vox, BuzzFeed, and numerous other left-wing sites were so ready to proclaim her as a beacon of hope, claiming her ‘peace selfie’ in-front of a group of anti-Muslim protestors as a true representation of the Muslim faith. The selfie-taker, 22-year-old Zakia Belkhiri, told BuzzFeed News that her motive for taking the pictures was to show that “we can live together, not [just] next to each other, but with each other”. That sounds great and all, but there’s just one problem … she’s a vicious anti-Semite Jew hater.

Univision’s May 19, 2016 edition of its late-night national news show Edición Nocturna featured a completely favorable story about drug legalization activist Jerónimo Saldaña, the creator and vendor of baseball caps that are stamped with the slogan “Make America Mexico Again.” Saldaña says he was inspired to start making and selling the hats after first seeing one on the Latino Rebels Facebook page and because, as he puts it, he just flat-out doesn’t like Trump. Surprising nobody, in its report Univision included no critical or opposing views against the hat.

Our friends at Fusion want your young teens to stop by the Fashion Square Mall and pick up the latest in Hijab wear. It goes fabulous with the leopard skin Fendi handbag, I’m told. Fusion, the hyper-left sister-network of Univision, continues their attempt to make Islam cool by presenting us with their latest piece titled ‘America’s first Muslim clothing store says Islamic fashion isn’t just for Muslims.’ The author of the article, Alaa Basatneh, so far has written 16 articles for Fusion – every single one of them either directly or indirectly pushing an Islam-centered public relations agenda.

Though it certainly wasn’t their intention, a segment on Fusion’s America with Jorge Ramos featuring Mexican college students pleading with U.S. voters to reject Trump may actually end up helping the presumptive Republican nominee for President. The segment, coyly titled “Mexican College Students Ask American Voters to Think Twice Before Going to the Polls” starts out innocently enough – praising the example of American democracy and urging people to go out and vote – but then takes a hard left, anti-Trump turn.

In an article titled “These black people are making a political statement by not voting in the 2016 election”, Fusion’s national political correspondent, Terrell Jermaine Starr, presents the case on why it’s justified to not vote in the upcoming election. He gives us example after example of “brave” citizens who have decided it just isn’t worth the effort to go out and follow through with their civic duty. Predictably, Starr tears into GOP presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump and shares with us why he also feels so strongly about this anti-voting trend.

In her latest article for Fusion, abortion provider Dr. Jennifer Conti celebrates the ‘badass’ ways of her friend and colleague, Dr. Diane Horvath-Cosper, who refuses to be discreet about the life-sucking services she provides. Horvath-Cosper recently made headlines for filing a civil rights complaint against her employer, MedStar Washington Center Hospital, because the facility allegedly wants her to stop engaging the media to tout her pro-abortion views.

Well, we can all thank Anheuser Busch for coming up big in the left’s perpetual hunt for something – anything! – to be offended by. In a recent Fusion article titled “Budweiser’s marketing department is out of control and needs to be stopped,” Jason O. Gilbert goes off against the decision by Budweiser to temporarily rebrand its label to say “America.” Although Donald Trump has jokingly already taken credit for inspiring the change, Budweiser, as noted by Business Insider, is an official sponsor for team USA and is looking to capitalize on the support received during this summer’s Olympic Games.

El expresidente de México Vicente Fox apareció en la cadena Univision  con un llamado a los mexicanos que pueden votar en Estados Unidos para que lo hagan contra el probable candidato republicano a la presidencia, Donald Trump, apenas horas después de que él mismo aparentemente le había "pedido disculpas". Menos de 24 horas después de que el mismo Fox les dijo a los mexicanos que solo había sido una "disculpa estratégica", Fox estuvo de regreso en Univisión haciendo lo que sabe hacer mejor: condenar a Trump y lanzar campañas contra Trump.

In the opening to her new music video released on YouTube titled ‘Ain’t Your Mama’, Jennifer Lopez uses Hillary Clinton’s “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights” speech to feel inspired. Clinton’s speech sets the tone for the song, and is used as motivation for Lopez to dump a plate of food on a man’s head, throw a drink on another man’s face and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Simultaneously representing women from different decades of the United States’ past history, J-Lo lets us all know that she… isn’t our mama. And when she says she “Ain’t Your Mama,” she means it (she says it 41 times, yes, I counted.)

Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox has taken to Univision to call on Mexicans able to vote in the United States to vote against presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, just hours after ostensibly “apologizing” to him. Less than 24 hours after what Fox himself told Mexican radio was really only a strategic apology, Fox was back to form on Univision, condemning Trump and launching an anti-Trump GOTV campaign.

An opinion piece labeled as ‘news’ written by none other than Fusion’s News Director, Kevin Roose, has pronounced the Republican Party dead. Betraying his own glaring partisan/ideological prejudices, Roose ascribes the “terminal decline” of the GOP to the “2009 formation of the Tea Party” before going on to attack Donald Trump as “the illness that led to the Party’s demise.” The problem with Roose’s fanciful take on the state of the GOP, which is dripping with venom against not only Trump, but also several of the rest of the 2016 Republican presidential contenders, is that the facts tell a different story.

Leave it to Fusion, Univision’s sister English-language network, to once again find a way to smear House Speaker Paul Ryan and all Republicans when covering the Speaker’s latest statements on U.S. immigration policy. The network’s report on Ryan’s remarks, titled Top Republican says some shockingly reasonable things about undocumented immigrants, paints the Speaker as out of step with most Republicans on immigration and specifically faults him for not working with President Obama to pass immigration reform legislation.

Behold the latest crop of children of "enlightened" Democrat activists. Fresh footage of some anti-Trump protesters has surfaced which show a group of African-American and Latino youth hurling a myriad of obscenities and bigoted epithets. Shame on the parents for allowing these kids to spew profanities and vulgar gestures towards Trump supporters. The video features several of the youngsters holding signs that say, among other things “Brown Pride, No Hate” and “F*** Donald Trump.”

Fusion’s Xavia Dryden is afraid. She’s pregnant and there’s a possibility something horrible is going to happen: her child might be white. In her article on the subject, “When you’re biracial but your baby could be white” Dryden goes into detail about the potential perils that may come with having a white child and the fear of the baby seeing you as a stranger. Dryden, married to a white male, is bi-racial (half-white, half-black) and is concerned that her child isn’t going to be able to relate to her on a cultural level because of the “privilege” he might receive. I wish I was making this up, but this is Fusion we’re talking about here.

Al informar sobre las protestas ocurridas afuera de uno de los actos políticos de Donald Trump en el sur de California, el reportero de Univisión Enrique Acevedo decidió lanzar una indirecta contra el principal aspirante a la candidatura presidencial por el partido Republicano.