Gay Activist Dan Savage to Ben Carson: 'Suck My D**k'

March 4th, 2015 4:18 PM

Liberal gay activist Dan Savage, who was promoted and praised by the media for his anti-bullying campaign for gay youth a few years ago, is continuing to revisit his favorite past time -- bullying conservatives and Christians.


A few days ago, Savage told the Family Research Council’s Josh Duggar of “19 Kids and Counting” to “go f**k yourself” after Duggar posted a picture with Rick Santorum. Savage then made a child molestation joke against Pope John Paul II, and now he’s going after the GOP.

After Ben Carson said that he believes being gay “is absolutely a choice” in an interview with CNN March 4, Dan Savage tweeted out: “Being gay is a choice? Prove it: Choose it yourself. Suck my dick.”

It seems election cycle time is Savage’s favorite time to amp up the vile insults thrown at the right. In 2012, Savage received a lot of attention from the media for equating Rick Santorum’s name with a lewd sexual joke.
Savage’s ugly jabs at conservatives and Christians are largely ignored by the media, and you know if a conservative or Christian had made a comment half as bad as any one of his, the comment would make headline news on every mainstream media news site.