TLC Censors Pro-Life T-Shirt Message on the Duggars Show '19 Kids And Counting'

Stand True activist Bryan Kemper was really looking forward to watching this weeks’s episode of 19 Kids and Counting on TLC after one of his pro-life t-shirts made an appearance in last week’s show…

Kemper hoped to spot another of his t-shirts since the entire family owns one….

Kemper met Jessa Duggar at the 2013 Students for Life of America conference and gave her one of his t-shirts, which led to a very large order from the rest of the clan. In fact, a photo of Jessa with fiancĂ© Ben Seewald wearing his pro-life t-shirt has been popping up all over the Internet in the wake of Jessa daring to publicly reflect on the topic of abortion after going through the Holocaust Museum a couple weeks ago. But Kemper was shocked when viewing the October 2 19 Kids and Counting episode to see one of his pro-life t-shirts all right, but with the message, “I survived Roe vs. Wade/Roe vs. Wade will not survive me,” blurred out.

Since the same message was allowed on the previous episode without being censored, one has to conclude there were complaints, or perhaps a pro-abortion editor went rogue. As if it’s a secret that the Duggars are pro-life? Having 19 children certainly makes that a nonrevelation. As if anyone watching the show isn’t to expect Duggar family values to shine through?

I can’t imagine the Duggars were told about this pro-life censorship by TLC, because I can’t imagine they would stand for it. Here’s hoping Michelle and Jim Bob put a quick stop to this flagrant attempt to suppress the message that abortion is wrong and that this generation intends to stop it.

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