Facebook Oversight Board Member Celebrates Idea of Trump Defeat

November 4th, 2020 4:32 PM

With the entire nation on edge awaiting the final results of the presidential election, some on the left are salivating over the idea of removing President Donald Trump from the White House. Even a member of the Facebook Oversight Board has chimed in. 

The Facebook Oversight Board’s most radical member, Tawakkol Karman, who lives in Yemen, tweeted today praising the possibility of Trump’s defeat.

Karman tweeted: “With the fall of Trump, the wave of hatred and intolerance will decline in the world, not only in America,#أمريكا It is heading to tide over one of the most heinous waves of hate.”

Her lament over the “hatred and intolerance in the world is ironic, considering that Karmen is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, as NewsBusters has previously reported. She announced in a June 7 tweet amidst international destructive protests that she would be “standing with the revolutions!” The Muslim Brotherhood is connected to Hamas, the terrorist organization that attacks Israel. The Facebook Oversight Board announced Karman as a member on May 6 and has been heavily criticized for it.

The Oversight Board began taking cases for review on October 22. The purpose of the Board is “to promote free expression by making principled, independent decisions regarding content on Facebook and Instagram and by issuing recommendations on the relevant Facebook company content policy,” according to the Oversight Board’s website

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