YouTube’s Attempt To Dismiss Trump Lawsuit Fails

August 6th, 2022 3:06 PM

A federal court judge denied YouTube’s motion to dismiss former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit against the platform.

Reclaim The Net reported that the court denied Trump’s motion for a preliminary injunction on Wednesday but granted YouTube’s motion to stay the lawsuit until the appeal in his lawsuit against Twitter is decided. United States District Court Judge Jeffrey S. White signed the order.

Trump claims the platform violated his free speech rights and applied its standards unevenly against him.

For its part, the platform reportedly said that reinstating Trump would cause “irreparable injury.”

“Former President Trump and seven other plaintiffs are attempting to turn their disagreement with YouTube’s editorial choices into a federal lawsuit on behalf of a putative nationwide class,” YouTube said, according to to Reclaim The Net. “This effort fails as a matter of law. By seeking to treat the judgments of a private online service provider as state action, plaintiffs flip the First Amendment on its head.”

NewsBusters first reported on Trump’s lawsuits against big tech platforms in July 2021:

Trump emphasized that the lawsuit is intended to protect the free speech rights of every American. "Through this lawsuit, we are standing up for American democracy by standing up for free speech rights of every American, Democrat, Republican, independent, whoever it may be,” Trump said at the time.

You can find a copy of the judge’s Wednesday order here.

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