TikTok User Creates Script to Sabotage TX Abortion 'Whistleblower' Site

September 2nd, 2021 4:15 PM

A TikTok user has created a “script” to encourage users to bombard the Texas abortion “whistleblower” site with false information.

The effort comes after a Texas law went into effect that bans abortions after six weeks. The Supreme Court voted not to act on the law. 

While a reporting system has not been implemented by the government, some “pro-life” groups have created reporting websites to report facilities that break the law.

The user, who identifies himself as Sean Black, created a script to flood the reporting websites with false information.

"To me the McCarthyism era tactics of turning neighbors against each other over a bill I feel is a violation of Roe V Wade is unacceptable. There are people on TikTok using their platform to educate and do their part. I believe this is me doing mine," Black told Motherboard.

In the first TikTok, he says the script sends a request to the reporting website around every 10 to 15 seconds. In the second video, he adds that his script sent around 300 requests until the site blocked his IP address.

Black then created a shortcut to get around the block. The shortcut picks a random Texas city and zip code, and then submits the data to the reporting site.

"Because it uses realistic information it makes it harder for them to parse their data," he added.

The videos have hundreds of thousands of views and over 20k likes.

TikTok is notably owned by ByteDance, a Chinese company that is directly overseen by China's communist government. TikTok has been criticized for its data vulnerabilities.

Previously, a troll campaign was created on the app to sabotage a Trump rally.

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