REPORT: Facebook Executive Helped Smear Cuomo Accuser

August 5th, 2021 7:20 AM

Facebook Executive Dani Lever reportedly helped Gov. Andrew Cuomo fight sexual assault allegations by leaking confidential messages about an accuser.

Lever worked on Cuomo’s press team from 2014 to 2020, then leaving to join Facebook as communications manager.

The New York Attorney General’s bombshell report revealed that Rich Azzopardi, Cuomo communications director, sent Lindsey Boylan's confidential personnel files to several journalists in what investigators called an attempt to “discredit and disparage” her. 

The report concluded that Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women in violation of state and federal law and indicated that Lever helped Cuomo’s team disseminate the files.

“Ms. Lever coordinated with some of the reporters who received the documents to let them know that the Executive Chamber would be sending them,” the report reads. 

The report adds that Lever was part of a “team of advisors from within and outside the Chamber [who] had ongoing and regular discussions about how to respond to the allegations publicly,” including Cuomo’s brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo.

“None of them was officially retained in any capacity by the Executive Chamber or any of the individuals involved,” the report notes of Lever, Chris Cuomo, and other outside advisors. “Nonetheless, they were regularly provided with confidential and often privileged information about state operations and helped make decisions that impacted State business and employees — all without any formal role, duty, or obligation to the State.”

Lever’s name is mentioned 25 times in the report.

Ironically, Lever initially declined to sign on to a letter that included complaints against Boylan as well as her interactions with co-workers. Lever said the letter amounted to “victim shaming,” but later signed a different statement in support of Cuomo that denied Boylan’s allegations.

Cuomo is no stranger to heinous acts, committing seniors who tested positive for COVID-19 to nursing homes, resulting in the deaths of thousands.