Sally Kohn: ‘Police Violence’ on Blacks ‘Far More Shameful’ than Baltimore Riots

Early Monday evening during the violent riots in Baltimore, liberal CNN commentator Sally Kohn tweeted her thoughts on the events by lamenting that “looting” was “a real shame,” but “police violence against [the] black community” was [emphasis hers] “FAR MORE shameful.”

Just before 5 p.m. Eastern, Kohn tweeted the following: 

When a drove of Twitter users challenged Kohn’s statements, she sarcastically wrote in one reply that she just “want[s] people to be treated equally under the law and by law enforcement.”

Almost an hour later, she blamed the violent fires, looting, smashed cruisers, and attacks on police on law enforcement themselves: 

Instead of trying to separate the two matters into different discussions, Kohn continued to compare them and mocked those who suggested otherwise:

These tweets from Kohn come just over a month after she happily tweeted about a “bowl-a-thon” fundraiser being held in New York to benefit the New York Abortion Access Fund.

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