Clown Car: Funniest Tweets About Hutchinson’s Jan. 6 Testimony

June 29th, 2022 1:48 PM

Cassidy Hutchinson’s January 6 Committee testimony has elicited plenty of response. Here are some of the funnier ones.

First we have Donald Trump Jr. posting a hilarious edit of Trump drifting a Secret Service Car on the White House lawn. 

Political Pundit Sebastain Gorka shows that Cassidy’s testimony is as funny as a story told by Tommy Devito

Popular meme account @grandoldmemes perfectly characterized the broken telephone game that is Hutchinson’s testimony. 

NewsBusters gives us this take on the media's coverage of Hutchinson's testimony.


Political commentator Jack Poseobeic is brave enough to provide footage to support Cassidy’s testimony. 

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The car meme theme rolls on from the MRC.


Finally we have Senior Writer for America Greatness’ Julie Kelly who shows that Hutchinson’s testimony is as outlandish as a scene from Thelma and Louise! 

That’s entertainment!