Hollywood Elites Falsely Attribute 'White Supremacy' as Motive of Syrian CO Shooter

March 23rd, 2021 10:56 PM

The liberal Hollywood elite took to Twitter to prematurely pronounce the motive behind the Boulder, CO shooting as “White supremacy.” Unfortunately for them, the alleged killer is not white.

In fact, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, the man suspected of murdering 10 innocents at a Boulder grocery store on March 22 is a Syrian-born immigrant who engaged in Trump-bashing and other SJW pursuits on Facebook. According to his social media posts (which were promptly removed) Alissa was a devout Muslim and ISIS sympathizer who was fiercely critical of Islamophobia and argued for lessened restrictions for refugees and migrants. Ironically, this character description bears striking similarities to the type of demographic that tends towards woke politics. 

These critical details were not yet revealed before actress and woke white woman Rosanna Arquette rushed to attribute blame by tweeting “Call it what it is ..White supremacist domestic terrorism.” At this point in time, the only known information relating to the suspect were images of him, seemingly caucasian, in police custody. Apparently this was enough detail to assume he was a Trump-loving, MAGA fiend with bloodlust for minorities to Arquette. Once the identity of the shooter was disclosed, her tweets took on a noticeable change in tone. Arquette backpedalled only slightly by no longer race-baiting and instead, attacked 2nd amendment freedoms and its supporters as underlying causes in this tragedy. 



Similarly, Comedian DL Hughley tweeted in an untimely fashion with some equally deceitful words “A white armed mass murderer has a better chance surviving an encounter with the police than a black dude holding a phone!” The chip on Hughley’s shoulder is so big he conveniently overlooked the facts of the case. 

Actor George Hahn partook also in the hurried media response by tweeting ”When a white guy with an AR-15 shoots and kills a bunch of people, is the motive* really relevant? *SPOILER ALERT on the motive: He was having feelings (anger, inadequacy, invisibility, impotence, i.e. not special).” Contrary to what Hahn thinks, the motive is relevant as are the facts of who actually perpetrated the crime.

These Hollywood progressives are truly devious for sacrificing integrity just to push their sick and destructive narrative. Either that or they are just plain stupid.