CBS Mornings Praises Gender-Neutral Clothing Line Conceived by Lesbos

June 27th, 2024 11:37 AM

During CBS Mornings’ “Changing the Game” series Wednesday morning, hosts highlighted the gender-inclusive clothing brand Dapper Boi. The brand was started by a butch girl who liked dressing like a boy but couldn’t find mens clothes to fit her body…because she’s a girl.

“Our series ‘Changing the Game’ highlights extraordinary women making a difference and for June’s pride month we’re celebrating members of the lgbtq+ community. We’re introducing you to Dapper Boi, gender neutral, size inclusive line created by married couple Charisse and Vicky Pasche,” CBS Mornings host Tony Dokoupil cheerfully said.

As with most lesbian relationships, the one that dressed, looked and acted more like the male of the relationship, Vicky, talked about her struggle to find clothes that fit her body in the men's department.

Yeah, it really was my own personal journey shopping in the men's department. Once I was comfortable enough to do that, which is kind of a crazy experience socially, you know, are the clothes going to fit, it was everything to me. Those clothes exactly represented my inside on the outside. But I realized down the line and more so what my fashionista wife over here pointed out that the clothes really never fit my body.

The wife, Charisse, talked about how it was a “privilege for someone like myself to take clothes off the rack and it fits,” noting that for Vicky, a “plus sized” woman who wants to dress in men's clothes, it's much more challenging.

The wives joked about how the idea for the gender-neutral clothing line was “conceived” on their honeymoon.

“Most people conceive their first child on their honeymoon, and we conceived our first baby which is Dapper Boi,” Chariesse said.

“Because Vicky, you said you didn’t feel comfortable in the men or the women’s section,” host Gayle King chimed in.

Vicky said “I’m a plus-sized person” before noting that “if I were to try on the men’s like highest sized jeans, I’d have to go on really two sizes too bug. They’d still be just frumpy and loose in all the wrong places.”

Host Vladimir Duthiers said, “you say the brand isn’t about genders but about bodies,” before pointing towards a few mannequins in Dapper Boi outfits.

Vicky talked about how at regular department stores, “you literally have two options –- the men's section and the women's section. We don't think about it, [it’s] just what it is. But really it’s just embedded with these societal rules and norms based on your gender. And we're looking to break that. Our goal is to be the next Levi's of all gender fashion.”

Hosts praised the success of the “multimillion dollar business” that “started on the honeymoon.”

“We’re inspiring people, changing people lives everyday,” Vicky said.

“Bravo Pasches. Congratulations,” King concluded.

Good God. When is CBS Mornings going to stop shoving woke crap and gender garbage down our throats and give airtime to things people actually care about?