Fairfax County Virginia Hires LGBTQ Liaison

June 12th, 2024 9:09 AM

I’m so glad our police force is focused not on combating crime and keeping our cities safe but rather on hiring someone to cater to queer people’s emotions and sensitivities 

On Tuesday the Fairfax County Police Department shared three images of PFC Tiara Goode who will serve as the county’s new LGBTQ Liaison Officer. 

“We’re proud to introduce PFC Tiara Goode as our new LGBTQ Liaison Officer! Starting her journey in the McLean District, PFC Goode is a valued Honor Guard member and currently works as a detective in our recruiting section. Her role is vital in fostering inclusivity and support within the department and the community,” the group wrote in the Facebook post.

It looks like Goode’s role will be to amplify and celebrate LGBTQ voices both within the Fairfax police department as well as the surrounding community. 

I can’t say this is too surprising. Fairfax is a relatively progressive area and the Fairfax County Police Department seems to be pretty “all-in” when it comes to ramming "pride" in everyone's face.

The group posted a reel on its social media pages with the caption “Celebrating #PrideMonth with the FCPD!” The video showed cops walking around a local pride event in the Mosaic district of Northern Virginia. It also showed some drag queen performances and highlighted a photo where two cops posed with a drag queen.

In response to the announcement of Goode’s role, people actually worried about the area’s safety shared their concerns.

A few different people commented on the group's Facebook post: “What does that have to do with police work?” One user wrote, “A ‘what’?? You can't think of a better use of the time/money than to cater to the permanent-victim crowd? I'm disappointed in this. Glad I don't live in that area anymore.”

Similarly, over on X, Libs of TikTok shared an image of the post and wrote, “I have a wild idea but hear me out… what if police help stop crime and focus on protecting all citizens equally regardless of who they like to have s*x with.”

Comments flooded in writing things like, “You know what would help bring everyone together? Less crime” or others called this “insanity” and “s**t” that “has to stop.”

Hey, they’re right. If you live in the Fairfax, Virginia area, you may want to be extra cautious this summer since it’s clear your police officers are more focused on gayness than actually keeping you safe.