MRCTV's Tierin-Rose Mandelburg on OAN: Dancing in the White House, Woke NPR & Travis Kelce

April 16th, 2024 3:28 PM

On Monday, MRCTV’s Tierin-Rose Mandelburg appeared on One America News Network’s "In Focus" with Alison Steinberg. 

The two talked about former TV anchor Katie Couric, who argued that former President Donald Trump’s MAGA fan base is full of “anti-intellectualism.”

Mandelburg summarized that the left is great about generalizations and will say and do whatever is necessary to remain relavent. Couric’s take, in and of itself was “anti-intellectual,” but it did get her to go viral. So for her, it’s not a total loss.

Same goes for White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre who was video taped dancing around the briefing room. It was very clear how serious she is about getting down to business in the White House! NOT!

Steinberg also brought up the fact that NPR just hired new CEO Katherine Maher, who has a long history of being super woke. Needless to say, it looks like NPR, the taxpayer-funded network, will continue straying away from actual news and journalism and lean into being an agenda pushing machine. 

Towards the end of the segment the ladies chatted about a huge scandal! Kansas City Chiefs football player liked an Instagram post with Donald Trump in it. O M G!

No seriously, who the heck cares? Also, who even has the time to go through social media pages to see who is liking what posts?! Seriously people, get a life!

Check out the segment below!