‘Triggered & Unsafe’: Country Dance Team Kicked Out Over American Flag Themed Shirts

April 11th, 2024 10:56 AM

Oh so now in America we can’t even display the American flag without triggering people?

The Borderline Dance team was kicked out of a Seattle dance convention called the Emerald City Hoedown for wearing American flag-themed shirts, which reportedly made others feel “triggered and unsafe.”

Nope, this isn't a joke.

The country line dance convention was put on by the Rain Country Dance Association, an LGBTQ-focused western dance community, Jason Rantz noted on 770 KTTH. The Borderline Dance team was invited to the event but when they arrived, “said they didn’t get the greeting they were expecting.”

The hostility against Borderline arose because the team wore matching shirts with American flags on them. Like are you serious?

Sad part is, this is the first year that Borderline was even able to attend the event. According to the team’s Facebook page, they’ve been invited for the past three years but “because of their Covid restrictions, we have been unable to [attend] until this year” so they were stoked to get to attend this Spring. Here’s more of what the team wrote in their Facebook post:

Unfortunately, what our team was met with upon arrival was that our flag tops were offensive to some of the convention goers. There was a small group that felt “triggered and unsafe”. They had several claims for this reasoning. Mostly associated with the situation in Palestine and the Trans community in America. At first we were told we would just be boo’d, yelled at and likely many of them would walk out. This did not deter us. But then we were given an ultimatum. Remove the flag tops and perform in either street clothes (which most didn’t bring as they traveled there in their uniforms) or they would supply us with ECH shirts from years past… Or, don’t perform at all, which effectively was asking us to leave.

Turns out Borderline wasn’t the only team who had to leave the convention. Their friends from West Coast Country Heat left, too, after sporting the “same spirit of patriotism” that Borderline did.

“Although we may not always agree with the current state of things, we recognize that being an American means true FREEDOM. We all understood and accepted this and walked out with class and dignity despite the discrimination we had experienced,” the team added.

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What’s super odd is that line dancing, in its most traditional form, is pretty American. When you look at the style of dance across the country, most dancers who partake wear cowboy hats, bootcut jeans, flannels and boots. Not to mention, most of it is done in America-loving areas like Texas or the deep South where the patriotism is often loved and honored. Country music is usually pretty pro-America too, and doesn’t often tout super progressive ideas.

Regardless of all of that, the Borderline dance team and the West Coast Country Heat should’ve been able to compete. If you’re “triggered” by a t-shirt with a flag that represents the country that you live in on it, you should move overseas.

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