Trans Men, Could We Interest You in Some Lab Grown Testicles?

February 21st, 2024 11:43 AM

Scientists have finally grown a pair.

Researchers at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University are growing “laboratory testicles” to supposedly help with male infertility. Created out of cells extracted from mouse testes, these artificial balls are meant to look and act like human testes to help treat sex disorders and infertility. 

Led by Dr. Nitzan Gonen, the testicle research is meant to figure out some of the issues that cause male infertility. 

“Fertility clinics are able to identify some of the problems that cause male infertility — a low sperm count or an abnormal structure — but we don’t understand fully what causes this, which genome mutations led to the condition, or what went wrong in the testicle’s functioning, as a result of which the tubes do not carry the sperm well,” Gonen told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, according to New York Post.

The artificial balls will make it “possible to study these subjects within the system of the model we have produced,” Gonen added.

The testes were formed from immature testicular cells sampled from neonatal mice. Researchers noticed that tubule-like structures and cellular organization were apparent. Those structures paralleled the structure of the natural testicle which is where sperm is produced. The hope is that then these structures could produce sperm cells which, obviously, are needed for reproduction.

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The plan then is for Gonen to eventually produce organoids using human samples which could in turn help little boys who have cancer. Essentially, if a child has cancer which may impair his ability to reproduce later on, the scientists could take samples from the kid, artificially develop it into sperm and then implant it using in vitro fertilization if and when the child - at that point an adult - decides to have children.  

Gonen noted that this practice could also be used for livestock to control the gender of animals' offspring. 

“It’s true that if science can find a way to control the sex of farm animals and ensure that all the offspring will be only females or only males, the production of the industry will improve twofold,” she indicated.

Estimates state that 10 to 15 percent of men in America struggle with infertility. These lab-grown testicles are supposed to be a solution for those men. (Of course, another solution which would help more than one individual is adoption.)

While I am all for scientific advancement and development, this does just seem a little weird.

If the trannies get ahold of this, we’re bound to see many orders of the artificial balls to affirm their delusion even more!

This is nuts!

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