Target SLAMMED Over ‘Gay Nutcracker’ Christmas Decorations

November 17th, 2023 4:02 PM

Target is under fire once again - this time for selling LGBTQ+ styled Christmas decorations. And conservatives are NOT having it. 

One of the new items on the chain's inventory is a 2023 nutcracker decoration which features the nutcracker in a jacket with a pride flag running down the middle, a pride flag hat, and a pride flag in his hand. I say “his” hand loosely, as the statue also has pink hair, eyeshadow, and feminine eyelashes. Perhaps he's a drag queen as well. 

Another new item this year is a Christmas snow globe with a rainbow heart in the middle and the phrase “love is love” in the center. 

Target also recently collaborated with an artist named Kurt S. Adler, whose creations include more gay nutcrackers, a pride drinking glass ornament,  a 10-inch fabergé Pride Santa, and a pride picture frame ornament. 

Other Christmas/Pride collaborations include a rainbow “Love is Love” ornament, the description for which reads: “Spread love and acceptance this holiday season with this charming pride 'Love is Love' holiday ornament," adding, “Whether you're an ally, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, or simply someone who believes in love and equality for all, this ornament is the perfect way to showcase your support during the festive season.”

A snowflake with the word “Liberal” is also for sale, but as far as I could see, there were no “Conservative” ornaments. Target also sells pride wrapping paper for Christmas in two different styles. Sounds like a good fire starter to me!

Conservatives were disgusted at how “socially just” Target’s Christmas decorations are. 

Fox News host Jesse Watters called the whole thing the “Dylanization” of America as a jab at Dylan Mulvaney, the man who parades around as a little girl who ruined Bud Light among other brands. Watters brought in some of the merchandise to his show, "Jesse Watters Primetime," pointing out that the pride decor could be a way of “sexualizing Christmas for children.”

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Riley Gaines, former NCAA swimmer who focuses on keeping men out of girls sports who appeared as a guest on Watters' show, asked, “Why do they keep pushing this? Who are they trying to appeal to? Because despite what the media portrays or how politicians are voting this doesn’t represent the overwhelming majority of this country, really how the world, feels on this issue.”

A user on Twitter wrote, “Seems @Target didn't learn their lessons from the tuck friendly promoting gay in their children's section. They're back at it for Christmas, I will NO longer spend a dime at Target, let's see if the gay/trans community can carry them” and another pointed out the hypocrisy of Target selling this woke crap when “They don't even allow their employees to say Merry Christmas.” 

That user brings up a great point. This is kinda funny considering the fact that Christmas is a Christian holiday, and being gay or trans or anything other than straight is antithetical to the Bible’s teachings. 

But leave it to the woke mob who runs Target to show how big of idiots they are once again. 

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