Singer Pink Plans to Pass Out Banned Books at Florida Concerts

November 13th, 2023 3:07 PM

Pink is a Punk.

Pop singer Pink plans to pass out thousands of books that are prohibited in Florida classrooms when she reaches the Sunshine State during her “Trust Fall” tour. 

Pink announced the news via an Instagram post saying, “Did you know there have been nearly 6,000 book bans since the fall of 2021? And nearly 40% of the books bans in the last school year occurred in Florida? As a mom of two young readers, I can’t imagine letting someone else decide what MY CHILDREN can and cannot read! That’s why this week at my Miami, FL and Sunrise, FL shows, I’m partnering with @penamerica and @booksandbooks to give away banned books to the first 1,000 fans who want them at each show!”

The left has been using the phrase “book bans” as a way to make it seem like the right are trying to be dictators and control kids. Realistically, the right doesn’t think that pornographic books should be accessible to young, impressionable minds. The right also doesn’t think that the government should be providing these books to kids! 

For example, a book called “Gender Queer” shows vivid images of characters performing oral sex, engaging in intercourse and the practice of masturbation. Another book called “Flamer” talks about sucking someone’s penis. And the book, “Let’s Talk About It,” informs kids why and how to watch porn and how to masturbate with way way way too graphic of images. Last year, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) signed legislation to help keep some of these inappropriate books away from kids.  

Pink, however, thinks that these books and these concepts should be available for any young person to read. 

Pink, however, thinks that these books and these concepts should be available for any young person to read. 

During an Instagram live with PEN America, a non-profit that seeks to keep inappropriate books available to kids, and author Amanda Gorman, Pink, who was wearing a shirt that said, “I read banned books,”  said that she can’t imagine her own parents telling her what books she could and couldn't share with her kids, never mind anybody else.

Pink asked PEN America CEO Suzanne Nossel what she thought the “goal” of book banning was. When Nossel said, “It is an effort to control what our country is about, to shape kids identities in a certain vein, so that alternatives are excluded so that they don’t see themselves so that they feel like they have to fit into a certain mold,” Pink nodded in agreement, especially after Nossel noted that this was an “attack on our democracy.” Pink said that’s why they’re going to distribute thousands of books out for free so that this content can be spread.

The trio in the video agreed that books, like books about queerness, can be a “lifeline” for kids exploring who they are, and Pink even asked for recommendations to purchase and pass out.

“What are some of your favorite banned books ‘cause I’m headed to the store?” she asked.

Pink, here's the bottom line: Kids shouldn’t have access to inappropriate information in classrooms that are funded by taxpayer money. That's all that these "book bans" you're talking about are doing. If you want to teach your kids how to suck d**k and masturbate with books in your own home, Pink, feel free. But, these concepts are unnecessary, inappropriate, and, quite frankly, would be illegal to be talked about in public schools. If you’re headed to one of Pink’s concerts, consider this your warning that it's gonna be chock full of woke crap.