Singer Turns Down Pop Labels to Sing About God

August 3rd, 2023 11:30 AM

Fox News Digital recently interviewed Christian singer Tasha Layton about her experience turning in her career in Hollywood to dedicate her life to serving God. Layton is one of the prime examples of a celebrity who recognized how self-consuming pop culture is and decided that route wasn’t for her.

Layton grew up singing worship songs and even leading worship for large conferences. After auditioning but not making it to the Hollywood round for season 9 of American Idol, Layton went back to her regular life, leading and singing worship songs. Reportedly, at one worship conference, the keyboard player Layton was performing with indicated that she played keys for Kesha and that the team needed a background vocalist for the Kesha/Rihanna tour. Layton ended up getting the job, but when she was expected to begin on a Wednesday at two, Layton felt a “small voice say, ‘Don’t do it.’”

As evidenced by what happened moments after she told Kesha’s team that she was backing out, the Holy Spirit was still at work. At the very time she was set to have been beginning rehearsal for the tour, Katy Perry’s manager called her up and asked if she could “be here in 20 minutes.” Layton auditioned, booked the job and was on her way to Madison Square Garden by Friday of that same week. 

During her time with Perry, Layton felt inspired by how professional the pop sensation acted.

"She’s got a big heart and cares for the people who work with her," Layton confessed. "She takes care of them. She’s very loyal and professional.”


Layton also enjoyed being able to experience much of the world on tour whilst not being the main-star with all the pressure that they have to deal with. Nonetheless, Layton told Fox News Digital that labels were eager to sign her, but she felt convinced that there was something more for her.

Having experienced that culture and that pressure from being on the road with Katy and seeing it firsthand, I got a bird’s-eye view of how damaging it can be to your soul. And I just missed singing songs that directly connected people to God. I’ve always led worship in church. And you know, when I’m on my deathbed looking back, I’m not going to care that I built a career. I’m going to care that I helped people. I just didn’t see how a mainstream deal and the music that they wanted me to sing, the kind of thing that they wanted me to do, was going to be helpful for anyone and much less, connect people to who I believe is the creator of the universe.

Layton finished the tour with Perry and felt ready to share her message and faith with audiences.

“I want [people] to see God’s hand in my life over the years, through the valleys and the hard times… And when they see God’s hand in my story, my prayer is that they’ll be able to see God in their stories, too,” she said. 

Layton isn’t the first to turn down a career in the spotlight of Hollywood.

In April of this past year, country star Granger Smith announced he’d be taking his farewell tour after 24 years of touring to better pursue Christ. Similarly, former Spy Kids star Alexa PenaVega left the industry to spend time with family and lean into her Christ-centered values. Actors Kirk Cameron and Mark Wahlberg have stepped away from Tinseltown to focus on God more and, of course, actress Candace Cameron Bure stopped working with Hallmark to pursue a career that respected Christian values. 

All that to say, Layton isn't the first and likely won't be the last to detach from the chokehold of Hollywood and focus on genuine, true and real joy that honors her heavenly father and gives her life actual meaning.