Kentucky Nurses Take Mandated Training: 'White Silence is Racist'

July 26th, 2023 3:03 PM

Nurses in Kentucky were forced to take a training course developed by the Kentucky Nurses Association (KNA), and mandated by the Kentucky Board of Nursing, in order to “recognize the history of racism in healthcare,” The Washington Examiner reported. Unsurprisingly it was chock full of woke crap. 

“Best intentions will not solve implicit bias in healthcare," the training indicated. 

The presentation went on to say that, “In order to lead to meaningful change, any exploration of implicit bias must be situated as part of a much larger conversation on racism and bias,” and it even showed a slide with a large picture of Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members burning a cross.

Supposedly, these woke ideologies were adopted back in 2020 due to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots by the American Nurses Association, who is the parent organization of KNA. 

The Washington Examiner indicated that according to the training, “ racism can be a contributing factor in hypertension, maternal health, low birth weight and prematurity, heart disease, diabetes, increased body mass index, depression, anxiety, and stress.” But, the training looks to have overreached by insisting that “white silence is racist,” among other false narratives that it pushed. 

The training also had a diagram of “overt” and “covert” racism and suggested that a white woman asking a black woman where she’s from is considered “covert racism.”

The Examiner noted more examples of “covert racism” from the training:

"Covert racism" includes "white silence," "denying institutional racism," saying "there's only one human race," denying white privilege, "bootstrap theory," "Eurocentric school curricula," "weaponizing whiteness," "fetishizing POC," "claiming 'reverse racism,'" "excusing/ 'white-splaining' racism," and many more.

The Daily Wire wrote a report on the situation and indicated how many nurses “were frustrated with the class and objected to the content.” Sadly, however, despite their differing opinions, those nurses were “worried” they’d be reprimanded if they didn’t complete the training. 

“They pretty much said we’re all guilty of being racist, and we need to examine the way that we take care of patients and change our behaviors because we are giving substandard care,” Rebecca Wall, a 40-year nursing veteran said. “It’s offensive to be told if you don’t do this course, you’re out after 40 years. A whole career spent in the field because you don’t agree to the one dogma: you’re done, you’re valueless, you’re not worth it anymore.”

Wall also indicated that she had to decide whether or not she was going to “bite the bullet and agree with the assumption that they [KNA] had that we were all racist.” 

Supposedly, nurses would be “disciplined” if they refused to complete the training, which left some worried about their licenses. The KNA told the Washington Examiner that nurses licenses weren't being threatened regardless of whether employees did or did not complete the training, but the Washington Examiner also noted that “the training coincided with the licensure and license renewal period,” so it wouldn’t be too much of a shocker if KNA didn’t tell the whole truth.

Overall, it's ridiculous that the KNA is pushing woke ideologies to its nurses and forcing them to comply with far left progressivism. Wall pointed out that this is a “marxist” tactic and is only going to make it “harder for her to provide the proper level of care to patients.” 

Woke ideology has got to go!