Celebs Respond to ‘Horrid, Soulless’ Tucker Carlson Parting Ways with Fox News

April 24th, 2023 2:02 PM

The left has a tendency to marvel when the right seems weak. Typical for those who have no moral backbone.

Moments after Fox News and Tucker Carlson broke up, numerous celebrities posted in celebration. Though no confirmation as to why the split took place, Hollywood elites used it as an opportunity to bash Carlson and Fox News itself.

"Star Trek" actor George Takei tweets something ridiculous just about everyday. Monday’s shares were no exception.

Comedian Lizz Winstead used some rather vulgar language to celebrate the occasion.

Actor Rob Reiner, called Carlson a “cancerous growth.” It makes one wonder whether Reiner has looked at his own reflection recently.  


Then, of course, actor John Cusack tweeted the words of author Steve Silberman who called Carlson a “racist,” “antigay,” “bigot” and an “antivaxx liar,” among other slurs.  

Walter Masterson, an actor, was clearly satisfied about Carlson’s departure.  

Online a couple non-celebs had some edgy things to say, too. 




The irony is that while the left was busy cheering Carlson not working with Fox News anymore, one of their own, Don Lemon, was fired from CNN. 

All this to say, celebrities and much of the left are so dedicated to harassing, bashing and being evil towards others that at this point, it’s simply all they seem to know.