Ash Wednesday Special: Mark Wahlberg Speaks Candidly About Faith On NBC's ‘Today’

February 22nd, 2023 2:24 PM

It’s rare for a Hollywood celebrity to talk about his faith (unless its the climate cult). It's almost unimaginable for a legacy media outlet to give him the platform to do it. 

But Hollywood A-lister Mark Wahlberg  (Ted, Father Stu, and Transformers: The Last Knight, among many others) appeared on Today on Ash Wednesday, talking about his faith and his partnership with a Catholic prayer app called “Hallow” this lent season. 

“God knows the things that he wants you to detach from,” Wahlberg said of Lenten fasting and sacrifice. 

Lent, he explained, is all about discipline. A Christian isn't required to give up food during this time but rather something whose absence will help you remember Jesus and lean on your relationship with Him. 

Host Savannah Guthrie, mentioned in the segment that she gave up the use of her Instagram account during Lent to be focused on things that are more “reflective and thoughtful.”

Wahlberg told Guthrie that he didn’t want to “jam” his religion “down anybody’s throat” while also adding “but I do not deny my faith.” Commenting on the balance he deals with in the entertainment industry, where there's not exactly a preponderance of people following God.

“It’s not popular in my industry,” he said. 

That’s for sure. As a matter of fact, the opposite has been more popular as of late. At the Grammys we had Sam Smith and some trannie perform a routine as the devil, and the singer Lil Nas X posting a music video giving the devil a lap dance. On a less symbolic level, most of Hollywood supports the greatest evil of all: abortion. 

Regardless, Wahlberg gave a great note of encouragement for all sinners. “God didn’t come to save the saints, he came to save the sinners, Wahlberg stressed. "We’ve all had things and issues in our lives, and we want to be better versions of ourselves, and, thorough focusing my faith, its allowed me to do that.”

Hey, kudos to Today for showing a side that they normally don’t, and kudos to Wahlberg for standing so confidently in his faith, even when his stance is unpopular.