'The Last of Us' Star Wore A Chest Binder For 90% Of Time On Set

February 15th, 2023 4:31 PM

It doesn't take much to win the approval of the woke (at least until what's woke changes -- maybe in a week or two). Just look at 19-year-old actress Bella Ramsey being hailed and honored across numerous leftist media sites after wearing a chest binder for 90 percent of filming on set of “The Last of Us.” 

In the film, Ramsey plays the role of “Ellie,” a 14-year-old lesbian who “may be humanity’s last hope,” in an end of the world type show on HBO. Though it hasn’t been made clear that a chest binder was necessary for Ramsey’s role, she told GQ she wore one a majority of her time filming.

Chest binders are traditionally used for male identifying females or transgender males who wish to bind their breasts closer to their chest in order to conceal them. They’re typically made of thick spandex and look extremely uncomfortable. Think of putting on a leotard that’s four times the normal thickness and ten sizes too small. 

Besides the discomfort, chest binders can cause a wide array of issues amongst users including “the obstruction of circulation as well as chest and back pain,” as mentioned by Breitbart.

Even Ramsey herself claimed that her choice to bind so frequently on set, “probably isn’t healthy.” Apparently however it helped her focus better. “For some nonbinary, transgender, or gender-fluid folks, chest binding can help flatten the chest and reduce feelings of gender dysphoria,” PopSugar reported.

Ramsey isn't exactly a traditionalist. She said of making the show she was “on the verge of tears throughout it, and cried” when two male characters dated and got married.

About a month ago, Ramsey declared her real-life “non-binary” status in an interview with the New York Times. 

“Someone would call me ‘she’ or ‘her’ and I would think about it, but I knew that if someone called me ‘he’ it was a bit exciting, Ramsey said. She also said she would rather be “just a person.” 

While Ramsey’s choices don’t appear to affect anyone, she’s a young star and a role model for young girls. Hopefully if her fans learn anything from her it’s about her acting skills and not about her gender confusion.