MN Teacher Asks Kids If She Should Conceal Pronouns from Parents

December 6th, 2022 9:28 AM

A so-called “teacher” in Minnesota is the latest indicator for those of you who need another hint as to why you should homeschool. 

Mandi Jung, a science teacher at Highland Park Middle School in Minneapolis, recently revealed that she allows students to hide their gender identity change in her classroom from their parents, Fox News reported.

The teacher supposedly provided a survey to students at the start of the school year asking their preferred pronouns and names and whether she can refer to said student as their preferences with their parents and other classmates. 

This plan is supposedly so that if children choose to identify as a gender that doesn’t align with their actual gender and are uncomfortable telling their parents, the teacher will help them keep it a secret. So thoughtful. 

Fox News listed the questions: 

  • "What name should I use when speaking to your parents?"
  • "What pronouns should we use when we talk about you? (CHOOSE AS MANY AS YOU WANT)"
  • "Is it okay to use the pronouns you selected above when we talk to your parents?"
  • "Is it okay to use the pronouns you selected above when we talk to other students or the class?

What a nut! 

Fox News reported that the school district stood with the teacher’s actions and said that it's just a way to respect students' gender identity and gender expression.

Luckily, a spokeswoman from the Southeastern Legal Foundation said the quiet part out loud.

That we live in a country where schools are actively pushing kids to change their gender and hide it from their parents is something I never thought I would face as a parent. Surveys like this one not only violate the law, but they are aimed at separating children from their parents. Parents must know that when schools ask children about their emotional health, sexual identity, and family relationships without parental consent they violate federal law.

She’s right. This is the reality of what we are dealing with in the classroom. Teachers and the left want parents to have no say as to what goes on in the classroom. It’s much easier to indoctrinate and brainwash kids to think certain ways and serve as mini activists for the lefts progressive ideologies without parents stopping them. 

This teacher is just another sick example of that.