The Left Wants Parents Out of the Schools, BUT Do Want Farting Teachers

November 11th, 2022 9:15 AM

Libs of TikTok, the Twitter account that regularly showcases and calls out the bull crap of progressive leftists has been busy lately.

They recently exposed not only how crazy the left is about pushing crazy concepts to kids in school but also how the left has convinced themselves that their progressive ideology is appropriate and “correct.”

Here’s the tweet:

Looking deeper, the tweet points out a separate tweet where Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), yes the one who most likely screwed a Chinese spy, got pissed off after Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) advocated for parental voices to be heard in the education of their children. 

I guess it’s become a foreign concept for parents to have a say in what their kids do and don’t learn in schools. Yes, the same schools that they fund with their tax paying dollars.

To answer your question Mr. Swalwell, we stopped trusting “experts” - aka teachers  - when they decided that it was less important to teach than it was to push progressive, inappropriate ideologies down students throats. 

As a matter of fact, teachers these days and their school boards have proven over and over that they’re nuts. 

Take the self-described “mentally ill” teacher that Libs of TikTok pointed out who boasted about “farting into pastries when she worked in a food facility."

Or this music class that took down it’s music notes and hung up Black Lives Matter and Pride flags.  

Check out this book that talks about masturbation, child rape and sex that a father confronted his daughter’s principal with. 

All these crazy things keep happening and the people who point it out are the ones the media and the left paint as the villains!

The Fther who protested the explicit book was the one who became banned from the school grounds, not the principal who allowed the book in his school.

Sen. Scott was right. Parents have a right to know what is happening to their children in school - and what the school is doing to their children.

The left is looking to erode traditional values and harm relationships between parents and their kids to create an army of woke, progressive, confused chaos.