Madonna Throws Pink Panties To Come Out As Gay?

October 10th, 2022 2:36 PM

Will “Like a Virgin” suddenly become relevant again for Madonna if she’s now into girls? Will Madonna become relevant again if she's into girls?

None other than Madonna posted a cryptic TikTok video on Sunday using pink underwear to tell the world that she’s gay … we think. The aged pop star needs attention.

Madonna holds up a pair of pink panties with the text “If I miss, I’m Gay!” With what looked like zero effort, Madonna threw the undies towards the trash can and unsurprisingly missed by a long shot. Her lack of trying indicated to fans that she was telling the world about her gayness.

Unique way to come out of the closet … I’ll give her that. But this is old territory for Madonna, who posed for erotic photos with men and women in her 1992 coffee table book "Sex," and infamously kissed Britney Spears onstage at the 2003 Video Music Awards.

Madonna is just one example of the many celebrities or Silicon Valley affiliates who say or do outrageous things in order to remain relevant and to push the liberal agenda.

We all remember when comedian Kathy Griffin held a decapitated Donald Trump head in order to garner some retweets. Velma came out as gay when "Scooby Doo" needed a shocking and progressive element to help promote its new movie. M&M’s who recently released a purple “Spokescandy” to push “acceptance and inclusivity.” There's also actress Amy Schumer who had to peddle the abortion narrative to promote her new show. 

All those shows, products or people were lacking in fame and use progressive talking points to maintain relevance. 

This attention-seeking behavior is annoying as all get out but it does, unfortunately work. The TikTok video Madonna shared presently has over 18 million views and over 1 million likes.

Genius marketing ploy on her part. 

I bet that if a conservative influencer went on TikTok, however, and did something highlighting his her heterosexuality or biological gender, it wouldn’t even be a fraction as viral as Madonna's “coming out” video -- provided it wasn't outright censored.