Crybabies! Liberals Whine Over Tim Allen's Harmless Joke About Biden

September 21st, 2022 12:21 PM

I forgot that jokes are apparently only funny if they poke at conservatives.

Early this week ,none other than comedian Tim Allen poked fun at President Joe Biden. As a result, many raging leftists entered into an all out war against Allen.

This past Sunday, Biden starred in a segment of CBS' “60 Minutes.” As you and I both know, Biden regularly forgets where he is, forgets that he’s president, shakes hands with the air and reads his teleprompter wrong. While I genuinely feel sympathy for him, his cadence is quite comical.

In light of all of this, Allen tweeted a joke about Biden.

This is funny, and there’s no denying it. Biden would be someone to ask a question with the answer literally embedded in it. Nonetheless, lefties on twitter were pissed about the mere joke.

Classic leftist move - add cuss words to seem relevant.

One lady compared Allen to actor Kevin Sorbo, another celebrity who makes jokes about Biden (God forbid).

One user put an image of a stick figure holding a brain. Maybe it was Biden's.

Perhaps people didn’t like the joke, but what's more probable is that they don’t like Allen. Anyone that doesn't sing the left’s praises is a terrible, racist, bigot…supposedly.

Allen typically leans right-of-center. He’s a supporter of free markets and individual liberty - two sins in the world of a liberal. He previously found it humorous that Trump “pissed people off” with his cadence and rhetoric while in office. He also attended Trump's inauguration

I guess Allen should just not poke fun at anything anymore…or maybe Biden should stop making himself the butt of the joke.