Children’s Hospital Promotes ‘Puberty Blockers’ and ‘Cross-Sex Hormones’

September 19th, 2022 12:15 PM

If you’d like to suppress the normal functions of your child's body or medically delay natural gender differentiations, head on over to Ohio. 

Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio reportedly opened a “Gender Affirming Center” to shift the focus from actual children’s health to progressive child abuse, Libs of TikTok pointed out. 

“Our goals are to help gender-diverse youth feel comfortable exploring their gender identity and improve their overall health,” the webpage, which has since been removed, said. 

The page did mention the “help” the center would provide to adolescents including “pubertal suppression” and  “gender-affirming hormones for older adolescents and young adults.” 

The Gender Affirming Care center does not provide sex-reassignment surgeries (yet) but its distribution of hormones like candy indicates that the hospital would be on track with more aggressive methods soon. 

What’s really unsettling is how Akron Children’s is proud of its work to further “trans” kids' delusional sense of self identity. 

In June it highlighted the story of a 13-year-old “girl” who received hormone therapy to delay the development of sex characteristics. Basically, the child was given medication that would stop “her” from developing further into the biological male that “she” is. Akron seemed proud of its success with the child. 

The center reportedly sees patients “as young as seven” years of age. Seven year-olds can visit the center to “affirm” the identity that they choose. 

A doctor for the center, Dr. Stephen Sondike, claimed that puberty suppression “buys time” and “holds back pubertal development” in order to have “body changes that would be consistent with their identity.”

Consistent with their identity? Are they kidding?

When I was seven I wanted to be a mermaid. Perhaps Akron Children’s could have helped me with that. 

I’m sure that now, as a grown adult, I’d be thrilled at the idiodic decision I made as a seven-year old. 

Akron is in troubled waters and it knows it. Following the exposure it got this weekend from Libs of TikTok, the hospital website has been scrubbed. 

Under the “Departments & Programs” tab the site previously listed “Gender Affirming Medicine” but now, under “G” is only “Gastroenterology” and “Genetics.” Below is a screenshot from January 20, 2022:


Below is a screenshot from September 19, 2022

The site also removed the article of the 13-year old he/she as well as its general page about the Gender Affirming Center.

Below is a screenshot from September 18, 2022:

Below is a screenshot from September 19, 2022

What’s sad is that Akron Children’s isn’t alone in its progressive madness. Even though kids can’t get a tattoo as they’re “permanent,” kids are not only able to, but encouraged to take life changing medicine to affirm an identity that is false. 

This is the terrifying reality of our 21st century society.