DISRESPECTFUL! Left Is Pushing American Military to Go WOKE

May 28th, 2021 2:23 PM

Memorial Day is a solemn remembrance of the U.S. service members who died defending America and American freedoms. But this Memorial Day, we should ask if those honored dead would recognize the military in which they served.

The left is once again using our armed forces as a social laboratory, forcing poisonous woke ideology upon the military. The army recruitment video this year was a Disney-style ad in which a little girl with two moms said she found her “calling” to join the U.S. Army. Attorney and Marine Aaron Reitz told Fox News that “Biden-allied military leaders” are fulfilling race- and gender-based quotas and hiring a “diversity and inclusion officer at the top of our special forces.” 

On FNC's The Faulkner Focus, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said, “The job of the military is to kill the bad guys, and it is to -- it is to strike fear in the enemies of America,” not “to sit around a circle emoting and passing daisies back and forth.”

On this Memorial Day, there needs to be a shift in focus. The honor needs to be for the brave men and women who died for America. 

Watch below to see how leftist wokeism is blatantly disrespectful to our service members. Let’s get back to building a strong and unified military that honors and carries on the traditions of these fallen heroes, not wokeism.