Disney Adds New Core Value: Wokeism

April 13th, 2021 5:40 PM

Poor Walt. This man has probably turned over in his grave 100 times by now with all the antics of Disney. 

On Tuesday, April 13, Disney Chairman Josh D’Amaro posted a blog on the Disney Parks website titled “A Place Where Everyone is Welcome,” because apparently they weren't very welcoming before, despite having Gay Days for 30 years.

Right off the bat, you should have got the hint to grab a barf bucket for the spiel about "taking action to create meaningful change." The announcement included a video and narrative to explain the new addition to the longstanding tradition of The Four Keys: Inclusion.  

The first four keys in which Disney has been built upon for more than 65 years are safety, courtesy, show and efficiency. But, to no one’s surprise, after a worldwide meeting with woke cast members and more than 100 total ideas brought forward for improvement, the honor of the fifth key was given to inclusion. You still holding onto that barf bucket?

The emphasis on inclusion supposedly provides for “more representation and accountability” and instills more inclusive attractions, supplier diversity, adaptive costumes and inclusive products. D’Amaro also encouraged showing off tattoos to “remain relevant in today’s workplace, but also enable our cast members to better express their cultures and individuality at work.” So, now, if a cast member has a tattoo of a woman with her chest hanging out tattooed on their arm, they can show it off to all of the young and impressionable six-year-old's that visit Disney every day. Barfing yet?



Sure! Make costumes that fit cast members with physical limitations and disabilities … but why do LGBTQ ears and a total costume revamp need to be conducted for “gender-inclusive hairstyles?” The House of Mouse is delving into total gay mode. “Together we can create cultural transformation and allyship to improve the lives of all our cast members and communities for years to come.” No, thank you. 

“Inclusion is essential to our culture and leads us forward as we continue to realize our rich legacy of engaging storytelling, exceptional service, and Disney magic,” D’Amaro continued. Nauseous yet? 

Honestly the written blog coupled with the video was pretty hypnotic with the inspiring anecdotes and uplifting music. Probably why we feel so sick. Nonetheless, Disney has a new episode of wokeism at every park corner. 

D’Amaro finished (thank God) with some “we will change” with the world type garbage and is excited about the journey the company is headed on. “The key of inclusion: A vision for tomorrow where all who come to this happy place are welcome,” the video said.

“To all who come to this happy place: Welcome ... This is just the beginning” … Lord, help us.