‘Fox & Friends’ Calls Salon’s Attack on U.S. Military ‘Despicable’

November 10th, 2014 1:03 PM

On Sunday, far left-wing site Salon ran an op-ed by one David Masciotra stating that “American ‘Worship’ of Police and Military is a “Childish Trait” and that calling soldiers “heroes” only serves to “deaden real democracy,” arguing also that they don’t deserve to be called a hero.

On Monday,“Fox & Friends” called Salon on it. The “Fox & Friends” crew unanimously agreed, as did the show’s Facebook fans who weighed in on the topic, that “They are heroes to us, especially on the day before veterans day.” News anchor Steve Doocy called both the article and the Salon writer “despicable” pointing out that it’s “all about the clicks with them.”

Cohost Kimberly Guilfoyle read a facebook post from a viewer who said that her 26-year Army veteran husband was “More of a man than [Masciotra] will ever be,” to which Guilfoyle responded, “Oh, I hear ya.”

Of course, Masciotra fits right in at Salon. Salon blamed the spread of Ebola on U.S. Military’s “greed,” lamenting that 20 percent of government funds go toward “death-oriented spending priorities.” Salon hack David Sirota infamously hoped the Boston Marathon bomber was a “white American.” Salon also tells readers “Abortion Is Valuing Women.” It sneers at Christianity but finds it “Hilarious” that a Satanic Temple distributed “The Satanic Children’s Big Book of Activities,” to elementary school children.