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These remarkable police departments know how to celebrate Christmas and serve.

‘Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men’ nowhere to be found here.

The Pledge of Allegiance has been under attack by liberals in classrooms and courtroom for years. We wouldn’t want to offend anyone with the word “God” in our pledge now would we?

But rather than quibble with a line here or there, a professor at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, Charles Angeletti, has rewritten the entire pledge and highlights the new “Pledge” as part of his American Civilization Class. The story appeared on “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday, but since the “pledge” is so offensive they only read the first two lines. The rest of it was posted on FoxNews.Com. The new pledge reads: 

Requires students to recite it in his American Civilization class.

Reminder to Christians: Seth MacFarlane hates you. Merry Christmas! 

MacFarlane, the liberal atheist behind “Family Guy,” seems to be feeling especially spiteful this Christmas, going above and beyond the usual sacrilege.

The virgin being Jesus who’s unfortunate situation Peter tries to rectify.

The virgin being Jesus who’s unfortunate situation Peter tries to rectify.

Careful about dropping that G-bomb! As 10-year-old Lily and her mother Julie found out, “God” is banned on the Disney Channel website as a red flag for profanity. 

Appearing on the Dec. 2 “Fox & Friends,” the mother and daughter explained that DisneyChannel.com has weekly quizzes for kids to answer. Appropriately, last week’s question asked kids, “What’s your favorite thing about the holidays?” Lily responded with the things she was most thankful for. Her mother Julie told host Elisabeth Hasselbeck that, “She typed in that she was thankful for God and her family and church and her friends.”




Blocks 10-year-old girl’s post until ‘God’ is removed.

Forget the Rams stunt, this Texan does credit to pro football.

9/11 Truther Rosie O’Donell is at it again, spewing conspiracy theories rather than truths. During the Nov. 25 episode of “The View” she shared her “thoughts” on the Ferguson rioting.

The truther's back, and as ignorant as ever.

Terrorism, sex, and dysfunctional families, oh my! Throw in some parades and football and you have your Thanksgiving 2014 television line-up. 

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to gather together with friends and family over a fancy dinner with all the fixin’s, a time for laughter, introspection, relaxing and of course giving thanks for all our blessings. Unfortunately the Thanksgiving week line-up isn’t exactly highlighting the lightheartedness or positive values of the holiday but rather brings out the crudeness and dysfunction of friends and family alike. 

Teaching religion in a public school? It’s enough to give your garden-variety liberal the vapors. Or maybe it just depends on which religion. As one mother in Union County, North Carolina found out, Islam seems to be an acceptable topic.

Controversial curriculum preaches Islamic indoctrination …without parental approval.

We get it Nick, you’re all grown up now.

Vile op-ed draws anger from viewers, hosts.

Hasn’t missed a day in 10 year.

If you haven’t watched the video above yet (or even if you have) you probably want to grab the tissues, not for a story of tragedy but of triumph.

Last winter, 19-year-old Lauren Hill got the worst news one could get. She was dying from a rare and terminal form of brain cancer. Hill was informed by her doctors that she had an inoperable brain tumor the size of a lemon and had just months to live. Rather than curl up in a ball and give up she made it her mission to fight long enough to play in her first college basketball game. In fact, according to CBS news, upon receiving the diagnosis one of her first questions to her doctor was to ask “Can I at least still play basketball?”

The freshman at Mount Saint Joseph University in Ohio fell in love with the sport in the sixth grade. Her father told CBS that she is “Chasing a dream … and she wants people to see that – that they can do that.” And she did.

College basketball player Lauren Hill makes the most of the time she has left.