‘Last Man Standing’ Takes Jab at Obama and Hillary Clinton

October 8th, 2014 1:18 PM

At a time where TV series and sit-coms are full of the liberal leftist’s agenda, ranging from “Hillary for President” propaganda to trying to find humor and justification in abortion, Tim Allen’s show “Last Man Standing” is a breath of fresh air.

Unlike his counterparts and competition which are trying to stay edgy, politically correct and loyal to the Obama and Hillary, Tim Allen isn’t afraid to say it like it is.

On the most recent episode of ABC’s  “Last Man Standing,” which aired on October 3 and is titled “War Games,” Tim Allen and his sit-com daughter know just who to point the finger at for the unresolved issue in Ukraine:

Allen: “The Russians aren’t in bed. They’re doing jello shots in the Ukraine and you know who we have to blame for that?”

Allen and Daughter Eve (in Unison): “Obama.”

Allen’s wife on the show, Vanessa, neither confirms nor denies her family’s accusation. Instead she adds:

 “Couple years you guys and you’ll have Hillary to blame for everything Vladimir Putin does.”

 Allen: “Wow, I like blaming her for stuff. Then again, to blame her she’d have to be President. These are the tough choices we face as Americans.” 

When politics is injected in to TV comedy, it’s usually at the expense of conservatives and Republicans. That leaves conservative viewers to appreciate the writing or timing of the joke, without being able to agree with it. With “Last Man Standing,” Tim Allen tries to offer conservative viewers some jokes they can no approvingly at – emphasis on tries.

Because Tim Allen is a conservative comedian and because his show airs on liberal ABC, one of he can’t get away with as much as a liberal show can. Allen has admitted in interviews that ABC censors the jokes and material in his scripts, several jokes on race, the Clintons, and calling the president a Communist. In a 2012 interview on “The Late Show” Allen told Jay Leno that “the network (ABC) has made “politically correct … the mode for me.”

It’s nice to see that, two years after that interview, Allen is fighting that “mode.”